Vehicle Barriers

Vehicle Barriers

Our commercial barriers function in the same way as bollards and road blockers but, are more effective for high-security sites.  They are frequently used to control traffic flow and vehicular access, but their versatility and durability make them suitable for a range of commercial sites.

What we offer

Our barriers are ideal for use in high traffic sites that require the entry and exit points to be monitored, such as car parks, train crossings and even security government facilities. We offer a range of barriers for a wide variety of commercial properties, manufactured from different materials dependant on function.

Those used to monitor car park entry points will have an aluminium arm that will snap with contact, while a PAS 68 counter-terrorism barrier will be heavy steel to withstand high impact collisions. Rising arm barriers are well suited to reinforcing traffic systems and separating pedestrian areas from busy roads.

They can either be surface mounted or installed with underground foundations, based on the strength required and the condition of concrete foundations at your site as to whether they’re viable to be excavated. Our products utilise a concrete base to keep them in place and provide balanced support.


Height Restriction 

They are static bars that determine height restrictions for certain areas, most commonly seen at car park entrances. They are manufactured from steel, galvanised and powder coated as standard. Height restriction bars can either hang from the ceiling or be fixed to the ground.

Manual Access Barrier

It is a static barrier, which uses a manual weight-based lifting mechanism. They are made from galvanised steel and are a low maintenance access control method for commercial properties. They are less commonly seen on commercial properties, because they require personnel to be operational but, this does make them perfect for manned areas.

Automatic Rising Arm Barrier

Due to their versatility and convenience, they are one of the most popular commercial access control solutions we can install. They are manufactured from the same galvanised steel, but instead, operate using a motor and a two-stage gearbox. This makes them suitable for unmanned areas and will reduce business costs in the long-term.

PAS 68 Counter-Terrorism Barrier

PAS 68 Counter-Terrorism Barriers are most commonly used around government facilities and high-security sites. They easily prevent car-ramming attacks with their strength, size and galvanised steel.

Manage Traffic Flow

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 They are the best choice for commercial sites with high-density traffic, allowing more traffic to pass through safely and securely than any other vehicular access device. They reinforce traffic systems, minimise the risk of vehicle collision and serve as a physical divide between pedestrians, drivers and the property.

Prevent Trespassers

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As a perimeter security device, they simultaneously act as a psychological deterrent to theft and a physical barricade that restricts property access.

Crowd Control

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They offer a safe and reliable solution to overcrowding in densely populated commercial areas. They ensure secure entry and exit to the property and maintain compliance with the Health and Safety Executive. It reduces the risk of emergency and in the event of an accident enable emergency services easy access to the building.

Additional Security

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All barriers reduce risk of trespassers and improve employee safety on commercial premises. They reduce risk of unauthorised vehicles entering the property, to commit theft or use it as a shortcut. PAS 68 barriers can withstand immense force and are becoming increasingly popular with the increase in ramming incidents on high-risk business properties.


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Automation barriers add a level of convenience and ease of access in a range of commercial settings. They can operate according to pre-programmed controls or via a remote device, allowing for continual monitoring and access control.


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We advise that in most cases, barrier security solutions should be installed above ground with the controls protected by a waterproof box. This makes them convenient but can also withstand erosion from adverse weather, to ensure long-lasting security.

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