Turnstiles & Speed Lanes

Turnstiles & Speedlanes

Turnstiles and Speed Lanes have many applications in this area including; crowd control, transit fare collection and access control to the rest of the building.

What we offer

PGB uses a range of internal and external turnstiles, designed to the highest quality standards ensuring we’re giving you the most secure premises possible. The range of turnstiles is designed and installed in half-height or full height. The range of turnstiles we use is designed to have a long lifecycle and come with a maintenance agreement to give our customers the assurance that we will endeavour to maintain the peak condition of all their security solutions. 

Our selection of pedestrian speed lanes is installed to control pedestrian access at speed and prevent tailgating, without the need for the operational turnstile arm. PGB can install multiple lanes side by side to enhance the speed of access in, particularly busy entrances. They can be connected to the fire alarm system to allow unrestricted access in the event of an emergency. During the on-site survey, we will look at factors including the layout of the building, size of the building, a number of average users and traffic patterns on a normal day to determine the most suitable security solution for your business. PGB can also ensure that the turnstiles will be accessible by disabled users. Based on this information and the unique needs of our customers, we will generate a bespoke design that fits those specifications. We never make our customers fit around us.


The Pedestrian Speed Lane has become a major contender for the traditional turnstile and can be seen in various places of work from factories and investment banks through to universities, train stations, airports and government buildings. Aesthetically pleasing to the eye with a range of manufacturers and varied price ranges from low end to high end specifications, the pedestrian speed lanes is the ultimate solution for control of pedestrian access, offering a high level of security, speed in operation and anti-tailgating benefits of a physical, traditional turnstile but without the need for a manually operated turnstile arm. 


The average speed lane specification will allow 40-60 people per minute in either direction and multiple lanes can be installed side by side. Existing access control systems can also be integrated on most systems on the market, making them the perfect solution for, particularly busy entrances. Please contact to arrange a free survey so that we can source the best Pedestrian Speed Lane solution designed to meet your pedestrian access requirements.

Half Height Turnstile

Half Height Turnstiles are also popular in commercial properties, more so when a user requires a ticket to gain access which triggers an electric motor to open the turnstile and allow entrance. In the case of electrical failure, they also come with manual capabilities.  Like the full height turnstiles, the half-height option is also available as bi-directional or single direction. They are more suitable for areas where there is a high volume of foot traffic and have a warning if any user attempts to force entry.

The turnstiles are constructed from galvanised steel for strength and durability, in a range of colours to match any customers specification.

Full Height Turnstile

Full Height Turnstiles are an effective access control method on commercial premises, this includes theme parks, public buildings and stadiums. They are useful for controlling the amount of foot traffic to one main area or can be placed in multiple locations on one site to manage footfall more acutely. They are constructed from galvanised steel for strength and durability. They are particularly effective for high-risk areas as due to the height, usually seven feet, they cannot be jumped over. Full height turnstiles are available as bi-directional or single direction only.

They are easy to install and maintain as they are supplied to site as one complete unit meaning PGB customers are subject to minimal disruption. A range of colours to match individual premises is available.

Manage Traffic Flow

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 They are the best choice for commercial sites with high-density traffic, allowing more traffic to pass through safely and securely than any other vehicular access device. They reinforce traffic systems, minimise the risk of vehicle collision and serve as a physical divide between pedestrians, drivers and the property.

Prevent Trespassers

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As a perimeter security device, they simultaneously act as a psychological deterrent to theft and a physical barricade that restricts property access.

Crowd Control

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They offer a safe and reliable solution to overcrowding in densely populated commercial areas. They ensure secure entry and exit to the property and maintain compliance with the Health and Safety Executive. It reduces the risk of emergency and in the event of an accident enable emergency services easy access to the building.

Additional Security

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All barriers reduce risk of trespassers and improve employee safety on commercial premises. They reduce risk of unauthorised vehicles entering the property, to commit theft or use it as a shortcut. PAS 68 barriers can withstand immense force and are becoming increasingly popular with the increase in ramming incidents on high-risk business properties.


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Automation barriers add a level of convenience and ease of access in a range of commercial settings. They can operate according to pre-programmed controls or via a remote device, allowing for continual monitoring and access control.


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We advise that in most cases, barrier security solutions should be installed above ground with the controls protected by a waterproof box. This makes them convenient but can also withstand erosion from adverse weather, to ensure long-lasting security.

More Info

They can either be surface mounted, bolted to the concrete or set into the foundations, provided they’re in good condition. It is installed with a push-button raise and lower control and can be interfaced with all other Portcullis access control solutions for a higher security profile.

For safety, we don’t recommend using road blockers where the road is the main access point for pedestrians, cyclists and motorcycles.


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