Road Blockers

Road Blockers

Road blockers are machine-driven access control devices to stop vehicular traffic. They are effective as an anti-ram and speed control method for commercial premises. They are suitable for high and low-risk properties and can be used across a wide variety of applications.

What we offer

At Portcullis we supply, install and maintain a wide range of road blockers including; surface mount road blockers, rising kerb road blockers and PAS 68 counter-terrorism road blockers; all of which are compliant with the Machinery Directive and HSE recommendations.

All our road blockers are designed to suit the individual property, they will be installed to fit the width the entry point. Our road blockers ensure that even heavy-duty vehicles, travelling over 50mph, cannot gain unauthorised access and will cause enough damage to render the vehicle unusable. The road blockers we install can be electrically or hydraulic operated.

During the free on-site survey, a skilled member of our team, with your knowledge of the property, will be able to determine the best road blocker solution for you. Road blockers come under our pre-planned preventive maintenance contracts and 24-hour emergency callout services, which we highly recommend.


Rising Kerb

The most used in commercial environments where vehicular access control is extremely important and authorised permission for access is required. They are an efficient security measure on manned and unmanned sites.  Rising kerbs are commonly manufactured from welded galvanised steel to take the pressure of high-volume traffic. They are suitable for entranceways with a large width and are highly effective when installed side by side. Rising kerb road blockers are very much a high security or counter-terrorism measure.

Surface Mounted

They are a more cost-effective access control solution and the ideal choice for commercial properties with low-security risks, where speed of entrance and budget are higher concerns. The steel is galvanised to protect the road blockers from corrosion. They don’t require any foundations or drainage on installation and are most commonly bolted to the concrete surface, provided it is in good condition, which our Portcullis surveyor can assess during the on-site visit.

PAS 68 Counter-Terrorism

Are the best option for commercial properties where a high-security risk is a priority and an effective deterrent is required. As standard they rise to a 90-degree angle and can stop a vehicle up to 7500kg, travelling at 50mph.

Manage Traffic Flow

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 They are the best choice for commercial sites with high-density traffic, allowing more traffic to pass through safely and securely than any other vehicular access device. They reinforce traffic systems, minimise the risk of vehicle collision and serve as a physical divide between pedestrians, drivers and the property.

Prevent Trespassers

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As a perimeter security device, they simultaneously act as a psychological deterrent to theft and a physical barricade that restricts property access.

Crowd Control

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They offer a safe and reliable solution to overcrowding in densely populated commercial areas. They ensure secure entry and exit to the property and maintain compliance with the Health and Safety Executive. It reduces the risk of emergency and in the event of an accident enable emergency services easy access to the building.

Additional Security

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All barriers reduce risk of trespassers and improve employee safety on commercial premises. They reduce risk of unauthorised vehicles entering the property, to commit theft or use it as a shortcut. PAS 68 barriers can withstand immense force and are becoming increasingly popular with the increase in ramming incidents on high-risk business properties.


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Automation barriers add a level of convenience and ease of access in a range of commercial settings. They can operate according to pre-programmed controls or via a remote device, allowing for continual monitoring and access control.


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We advise that in most cases, barrier security solutions should be installed above ground with the controls protected by a waterproof box. This makes them convenient but can also withstand erosion from adverse weather, to ensure long-lasting security.

More Info

They can either be surface mounted, bolted to the concrete or set into the foundations, provided they’re in good condition. It is installed with a push-button raise and lower control and can be interfaced with all other Portcullis access control solutions for a higher security profile.

For safety, we don’t recommend using road blockers where the road is the main access point for pedestrians, cyclists and motorcycles.


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