Our commercial barriers function in the same way as bollards and road blockers but, are more effective for high-security sites.  They are frequently used to control traffic flow and vehicular access, but their versatility and durability make them suitable for a range of commercial sites.

What we offer

PGB provide a complete selection of fencing solutions including; Palisade Fencing and Mesh Fencing designed to be both aesthetic and functional. Application of any perimeter fencing or railing will dramatically reduce the risk of crime on your premises, in your property or involving employees or customers.

As part of a full turn-key solution, PGB can project manage, specify and install your ideal Perimeter Fencing solution, uniquely designed and manufactured to protect your individual building from damage, theft and unauthorised access.

It is assured that all fencing or railing installed, comply with the latest safety technology and standards. Customers will also benefit from a bespoke service and maintenance agreement to ensure complete perimeter security and ongoing compliance with all health and safety legislation.


Palisade Fencing 

Palisade Fencing is designed for strength and security and is the ideal deterrent to unauthorised access, it is effective to help secure a vast number of properties and has many benefits. It is particularly effective for vast industrial estates or public spaces.

Mesh Fencing

Mesh Fencing has a narrow profile which is highly secure, durable, and is very difficult to cut, climb or penetrate which makes it ideal for a wide variety of applications. Mesh fencing is also difficult to cut through which makes it ideal for properties susceptible to vandalism.

Manage Traffic Flow

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 They are the best choice for commercial sites with high-density traffic, allowing more traffic to pass through safely and securely than any other vehicular access device. They reinforce traffic systems, minimise the risk of vehicle collision and serve as a physical divide between pedestrians, drivers and the property.

Prevent Trespassers

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As a perimeter security device, they simultaneously act as a psychological deterrent to theft and a physical barricade that restricts property access.

Crowd Control

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They offer a safe and reliable solution to overcrowding in densely populated commercial areas. They ensure secure entry and exit to the property and maintain compliance with the Health and Safety Executive. It reduces the risk of emergency and in the event of an accident enable emergency services easy access to the building.

Additional Security

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All barriers reduce risk of trespassers and improve employee safety on commercial premises. They reduce risk of unauthorised vehicles entering the property, to commit theft or use it as a shortcut. PAS 68 barriers can withstand immense force and are becoming increasingly popular with the increase in ramming incidents on high-risk business properties.


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Automation barriers add a level of convenience and ease of access in a range of commercial settings. They can operate according to pre-programmed controls or via a remote device, allowing for continual monitoring and access control.


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We advise that in most cases, barrier security solutions should be installed above ground with the controls protected by a waterproof box. This makes them convenient but can also withstand erosion from adverse weather, to ensure long-lasting security.

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