Commercial Bollards are used in popular public environments. They are often used as vehicular access devices to reinforce traffic systems, streamline crowds and even control traffic flow.

What we offer

Portcullis designs, supplies and installs a variety of commercial bollards, which work to thin crowds and block routes from drivers. We recommend bollards for commercial properties where theft, ram-raid attacks and unwanted vehicles parking on your premises are the main threats. We have a range of different bollards applicable to commercial properties for a variety of functions. Rebounding bollards are designed to stop speeding vehicles, they are commonly made from impact-resistant material. Whereas, embedded bollards can be made of steel, concrete or wood.

We can also install our bollards to contain lights, our solar-powered bollards utilise solar panels to store energy throughout the day and provide light at night. As with our residential bollards, our commercial bollards can also work as landscaping features to improve the aesthetic of your property. Our Automatic Bollards can be interfaced with other electronic access control systems; intercom systems, card readers, and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology.


Control Traffic Flow

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Bollards have the capability to reinforce traffic systems, by preventing drivers from turning down streets they shouldn’t. Additionally, bollards also serve as a physical block between pedestrians and drivers. We can also configure bollards to be timed, which are particularly useful for controlling traffic within specific time periods for example, if you need to cut off a road at night but keep it open in the day.

Safer Pedestrian Walkways

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When lowered, rising commercial bollards provide a safe walking surface for pedestrians. They have no sharp edges, so pose no harm to pedestrians who may pass by.

Anti-Ram Security Measure

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Bollards are becoming more popular in local councils across the UK in major city centres, following an increase in car-ramming attacks. Though they can’t protect against every attack, commercial bollards are strong enough to withstand impact from cars and give people in the building enough time to get out of the premises.

Low Impact on Environment

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Although they do need to be installed in the ground, which will affect the environment during that process, once installed, bollards don’t visually impact upon surrounding areas. Think how often you may have passed them, when lowered they are completely imperceptible.

Crowd Streamlining

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An additional benefit of bollards is their streamlining of crowds. Pedestrians often gather on streets around shops, which is often the cause of car vs pedestrian accidents or vehicle attacks. Bollards provide a tangible barrier between pedestrians and vehicles, giving pedestrians enough time to get away from the car in the event a driver loses control.

Surface Mounted Bollards

 Surface Mounted Bollards are most useful as a visual deterrent for criminals or traffic control on properties where the traffic volume and risk of an accident is very low. They are pinned to the ground via an anchor system, which makes the installation and removal very easy, but their ability to resist impact very low. As they are reusable and easily removable, they can be moved around the premises to accommodate user needs as they happen. They are best used as a temporary measure for pedestrian traffic control.

Automatic Bollards

 Because they can be visible or invisible depending on the site requirements, they are effective for commercial properties where the aesthetic is a concern. They also mean if the site does not have a continued volume of high traffic and instead goes through peak and slow periods, they can be raised and lowered to provide access control as and when required. They are manufactured from galvanised steel but are available in a variety of finishes and sizes to accommodate the requirements of BGB customers. The material means this type of bollard is robust and effective for high-risk properties, able to rise and lower in a matter of sections.

Static Bollards

The perfect choice for locations that require a permanent protection solution to control vehicle traffic, pedestrian protection, separating an area and prevent a vehicular attack. They can be customised to suit the individual site, with a flat, angle or dome finish. They are traditionally embedded into the concrete if the foundations are in good condition but can also be bolted down. Aesthetically pleasing, easy to clean and low maintenance, makes them ideal for residential and commercial properties.

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