Access Control

All PGB’s security solutions can be integrated to create one comprehensive security plan, this includes a range of accessories we also supply and install for our barriers, sliding gates, fencing, bollards and turnstiles.

Push Button

Operated from a secure room/reception.

Intercom Access

Communication between entry and reception.


Access via a secure PIN/code or password.

Proximity Card Control

NFC Card control access as an alternative to keypads.

Remote Control

Secure access via the click of a remote button.


Automatic Number Plate Recognition.

Push-Button Access

Push buttons are remotely operated normally from a security room or reception.

The push buttons are used to open, stop and close the equipment accordingly. They are most applicable to gates, barriers and turnstiles.

Intercom Systems

Intercom is an effective addition should you require a point of communication between the entrance and security or reception.

The intercom system uses a push-button to activate the equipment and how your business makes use of it is entirely up to you. They are useful if you have regular visitors to your site who require access and enable you to keep your premises secure and closed to unauthorised people.


Keypads are a useful security accessory for the purpose of access control to equipment, rooms, entire floors of the building or the whole building itself, should it be required. 

They are popular with high-risk properties where they contain high-value goods or sensitive information.

Proximity Card Control

Card control act as an alternative to keypads and can be used to open BGB’s barriers, gates and turnstiles.

This can also be used to allow and prevent access to a building and rooms inside the building if the requirements are met, all which BGB can assess during the on-site survey.

Remote Control

Remote/ Radio control is most effective as an accessory to vehicle barriers or sliding gates, to introduce another level of security to the property. This unlike card control or a keypad requires the presence of security staff, which can add costs to your business over a longer period. However, for relatively low-risk premises it is a convenient method of access control.


ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) technology to provide a reliable and effective automatic parking management solution.

ANPR systems have been specifically developed for scalability, resiliency and flexibility.  Integrating the hardware, infrastructure and application design into a single process has allowed us to produce a solution that is resilient against individual hardware failure and can be scaled-out as necessary. 

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