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Our experience in house design team is there to help support all Portcullis customers.

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Our experience in the house team is there to help support all Portcullis customers, to ensure the perimeter security solutions you require are designed to meet the specification. The design team creates bespoke security products, which are manufactured by the highest quality craftsman in the country.

At Portcullis we know, you know your property best. If you have your own idea of what you need, the team will review needs to ensure they are manufacturable and will meet the desired level of security for your property. If this is not the case, we will always work with you, from that design and the on-site survey we will carry out, to create a product that offers the functionality and the aesthetic you want.

Our experienced team will always be clear and concise in what they can do for you, while always maintaining the integrity and functionality of the product.

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Standards and Regulations

All Portcullis’ security solutions meet DHF requirements, Health and Safety Executive (HSE) legislation and correspond to any individual risk assessments for the premises. The specific standards we are compliant with include:

Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

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This Directive applies to machinery, interchangeable equipment, safety components, lifting accessories, chains, ropes and webbing, removable mechanical transmission devices and partly completed machinery.

BS EN 13241:2003+A2:2016

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Industrial, commercial, garage doors, and gates. Product standard, performance characteristics.


PAS 68:2010

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 Impact test specifications for vehicle security barriers. It gives requirements and specifications for security barriers to assist in the prevention of terrorism and crime and identifies vehicle criteria and impact tolerance that must be met in order to conform to it.

PAS 69:2013

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Guidance for the selection, installation, and use of vehicle security barrier systems. It provides guidance on the selection, installation, and use of vehicle security barriers to ensure that they are selected and placed as effectively as possible.

These standards take into consideration that vehicle security barriers should not be considered in isolation, but as part of an integrated security solution which may include, adjacent perimeter protection, CCTV, alarm monitoring and guard activity.

As part of the standards Portcullis conforms to and the accreditations we hold, we undergo regular assessments to ensure that we are maintaining our quality and compliance with the necessary standards.  We continually review our methods and are always making developments in the security industry to make sure we can create the best security resolutions for your needs.

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