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We use the latest equipment and maintenance software.

About Maintenance

Portcullis’ fully trained engineers use the latest equipment and maintenance software, for regular maintenance and any required repairs on all residential and commercial security installations, at each customers’ convenience.

Our National Help Desk ensures we can meet the needs of all our customers in a timely manner. Each account we hold is issued with their own contact number for the help desk, a unique code to quote to our customer service team and an electronic data file to keep track of any maintenance or repairs we provide and the site’s compliance with our industry standards.

At Portcullis we have two types of maintenance services for all our products:

1. Reactive Maintenance – With Repairs

Our Reactive Maintenance works in the same way as if a vehicle engineer would come to the roadside if your car broke down, we also call it our emergency breakdown service. If a customer has an electric gate that has stopped working and they contact us, we will react within the time frame specified to the individual customer, to attend the property and fix the problem. Maintaining our customer’s security is our highest priority.


2. Pre-Planned Preventive Maintenance

We also offer a scheduled maintenance contract, Pre-Planned Preventative Maintenance. This works on an agreed schedule with the customers, whereby our engineers will visit the property once, twice, three or even four times per year. The time schedule is up to you, but we do recommend we visit at least once every 12 months, to service all your Portcullis security measures and maintain them.

The national team are here to support customers when and wherever they are needed most.



Offer a wide range of security gates including Cantilever Gates, Swing Gates, Bi-Folding Gates and Sliding Gates.

Vehicle Barriers

Our commercial barriers function in the same way as bollards and road blockers but, are more effective for high-security sites

Road Blockers

Automatic door systems are a convenient security measure highly popular for commercial properties.


Fencing is an essential component of any perimeter security plan for commercial and residential.

Garage Doors

Electric systems are a convenient alternative to the standard manual garage door.

Access Control

All PGB’s security solutions can be integrated to create one comprehensive security plan.


Control vehicle access, reinforce traffic systems, streamline crowds and traffic flow.


Pedestrian traffic flow into their business premises.   

Roller Shutters

One of the most popular choices for perimeter security solutions in businesses

Automatic Doors

Manage a high influx of pedestrian traffic on a daily basis.

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