School Security – It’s beyond a duty of care

Portcullis Gate Automation are proud to have a list of schools, colleges and universities that have been partnered in the design, costing and supply and installation of various security systems required within the modern infrastructure of school life.

With our free on site consultation and survey, Portcullis can offer a system that fully complies with all HSE and Ofsted guidelines and requirements.

A complete “One Stop Solution” has seen Portcullis deliver a complete package including fencing, automatic vehicle and pedestrian gates and barriers controlled with many forms of access control from Radio and proximity tagging through to number plate recognition systems that link through and interface to school smart card vending systems.

With our experienced CCTV in house design team, Portcullis can offer a bespoke system protecting and monitoring the outer and inner perimeter of your site.

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Security ↓ show more detail ↓

Schools have a basic requirement to safely contain students in their care during school hours, keeping them protected from unwanted intruders and away from any danger within the confines of the grounds. After hours the school also needs to be able to ‘lock-down’ to deter acts of vandalism, theft, concealment and even arson. Thieves across the country have been targeting public buildings, including schools, looking for valuable steel to scrap.

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School Gate Automation – Electric Gates

Schools should be aware of the new EU Machinery Directive 98/37/EC and 2006/42/EC which states that automated gates, whether it be swing gate automation, sliding gate automation or bi folding gate automation, it is crucial that all works carried out by the commercial gate installation company comply with the Machinery Directive and health and safety recommendations as set out by the Health and Safety Executive (otherwise known as the HSE).

RoSPA approved Anti-Trap Bow Top Fencing ↓ show more detail ↓

Anti-Trap Bow Top is perfect for all kinds of permanent protection and essential when fencing play areas. As with standard Bow Top, its tubular construction with vandal proof connectors still has all the extra strength and no visible joins. The horizontal rails are sleeved on to the fitting on the posts, resulting in a seamless design. But due to the arrangement of the pales, there is a wider gap between each hoop above the top rail. Also known as anti-trap round top or hairpin railings.

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EuroGuard Steel Wire Mesh Panels ↓ show more detail ↓

EuroGuard consists of special steel wire panels which are clamped to Galvanized steel posts. This makes for a thoroughly versatile system, a bit out of the ordinary, and able to be adapted to the individual needs of most users.

Scheduling installation to suit

It is also worth bearing in mind the need to factor in timing considerations – most schools will be keen to undertake any infrastructure work during the school holidays but these periods can become notoriously busy for contractors working in the public sector, so it pays to plan ahead.

References are available from various schools in Surrey, Kent, Buckinghamshire and from across London and southeast.