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Electric gates in KentThere are numerous potential dangers to consider when automating gates including crushing, cutting, dragging and shearing hazards so only fully trained electric gate installers should be allowed to install new electric gates, automate existing manual gates or maintain electric gates.

As residential electric gate specialists in Kent and Buckinghamshire we always bespoke design the gate automation process. Control of the electric gates can be by many different devices such as keypad, auto opening gates or remotes commonly known as zappers, blippers, fobs or gate remotes.

The Portcullis Gate Automation service includes a full risk assessment and health and safety check as standard outlining those potential crushing, cutting, shearing and dragging hazards and danger areas, plus address any concerns you may have to ensure that the gate automation process meets the requirements of both the customer and all current legislation.

Due to the compliance to the Machinery Directive and strict health and safety guidelines as set out by the Health and Safety Executive we do not supply off-the-shelf third-party eletcric gate. We choose the best suited components from leading gate manufacturers, assemble them into a machine, install it for our customers and then warranty the complete gate installation.

Types of Residential Electric Gate Automation ↓ show more detail ↓

There are two main types of gate automation for residential electric gates; above ground gate automation or over ground gate automation and below ground gate automation or underground gate automation.

Above ground gate operatorsBelow ground gate operators

Electric Gate Operators – Above and Below Ground ↓ show more detail ↓

Installing below ground gate operators is usually far more involved than installing above ground gate operators. They require concrete foundations and drainage so ground conditions must be considered during the site survey and planning stage.

Gate Aesthetics, Gate Strength and Gate Safety ↓ show more detail ↓

Aesthetics will of course be a major consideration in residential gate automation. Many people do not like the look of an above ground gate operator, instead preferring the gate operators to be hidden underground.

Electric Gate Automation – Did You Know

If you own a private residential property that has an electric gate and you rent out that property the electric gate installation is then considered in law to be a commercial gate. The health and safety compliance is then more relevant and involved. For help on this often overlooked but very important topic please do not hesitate to contact us.


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