Residential Services

From our regional offices based in Kent, Buckinghamshire, Yorkshire and Berkshire, Portcullis Gate Automation serves residential customers across London, the Home Counties and the South of England. Our decades of combined experience allow us to provide a complete one-stop solution, from design and manufacture to installation, maintenance and repairs.

Our extensive product range includes electric gates, wooden gates, bi-folding gates, residential bollards and garage door automation.

Whether you’re looking for a simple five bar wooden gate, a bespoke wrought iron electric gate, driveway bollards, or garage door automation, we have the expertise, experience, accreditations and skill to install the ideal gate solution to suit your requirements.

All our work is carried out in compliance with the Machinery Directive and health and safety recommendations as outlined by the Health and Safety Executive. Residential customers can take advantage of our pre-planned preventive maintenance packages, as well as our 24-hour emergency callout services that guarantee peace of mind.

Residential Gate Automation

Wooden gate installation

As residential and electric gate automation specialists, we design, manufacture, install, maintain and repair a wide range of automated products, including bi-folding gates, wooden gates and bollards. Please view our Residential Gate Automation page for more information.

Bi-folding Gates

Bi-folding gates are ideal for residential sites that are unable to accommodate a standard gate, as well as for driveways that are on an incline. They consist of two folding back panels that allow them to operate within a small space and are suitable for internal or external use.

These gates tend to be made from galvanised stainless steel and can be automated for convenience. They open in around three to seven seconds and are also available in hardwood or wrought iron.

Wooden Gates

Our wooden gates can be operated manually or automated, offering a cost-effective solution to controlling driveway access. They are made from either softwood or hardwood that can be reinforced with timber rails or metal bracing. These gates are best suited to residential sites that require additional security and privacy, as well as visual appeal.

Wood gates can betreated to help preserve the timber and prevent rot. No two gates are the same due to the natural patterns in wood, although they are prone to warping over time. When automated, they work well as driveway gates that ensure convenience and ease of access.

Residential Bollards

Bollard installation

Residential bollards work to define property perimeters, increase security and control driveway access. They act as physical and psychological deterrents to theft and can be made from a range of different materials depending on their purpose. Low impact bollards will be made of plastic, while embedded bollards that are designed to stop speeding vehicles can be made of steel, concrete or wood.

Ornamental bollards provide an attractive yet functional barrier and are available in a variety of colours and designs. Driveway bollards can be automated for convenience and vehicular access control.

Garage Door Automation

Garage door automation in Kent

We offer a specialist service to install, maintain and repair garage door automation. Automation enhances the accessibility and security of your garage, as well as increasing the value of your home. Our extensive knowledge and experience enable us to evaluate whether an existing garage door can be safely automated in line with the Machinery Directive.

For more information on our residential services, please contact us to speak to a Portcullis Gate Automation representativetoday.

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