At Portcullis, we pride ourselves on our expert knowledge of automation products, including everything from gates and parking barriers to road blockers and traffic bollards. As specialists, we have our own wide-ranging glossary of terms that covers our full range and brand values, successful projects and areas of expertise. Wondering what they are? Read on…


We are specialists within the accessibility automation market, providing premium gates, doors, blockers and bollards. Security is at the heart of everything we do – that’s why our products are designed to keep your home or commercial property as safe as, well..houses. Ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation, Portcullis’ automated products integrate modern technology for maximum convenience.


Just one product category of many, we offer manual bollards as well as automatic rising bollards. Bollards are particularly useful as vehicular access control devices for commercial areas. Or, for residential properties, our bollards provide a discreet layer of security to protect your property from unwanted cars.

Commercial Gates

Whether you’re looking for sliding gates, speed gates or swing gates, we have an entire portfolio of automated gate solutions that are perfect for commercial areas. One of our recent commercial gate projects involved delivering and successfully constructing door automation for Liberty Living Ltd – a leading student accommodation provider.

Door Automation

From swing doors to automatic doors and roller shutters, Portcullis specialises in door automation solutions. Most recently, a national client of Portcullis required an automated door solution to their existing swing doors which were causing health and safety issues. Portcullis designed a bespoke door system with a high duty cycle that would avoid the same issue as the swing doors.


Health and safety are the cornerstone of Portcullis Automation Ltd, which is why all of our engineers are professionally trained in installing and maintaining our products. Our engineers provide excellent customer service alongside a vast gate knowledge.


Residential fences no longer have to be a simple, picket fence (though if you like those, then that’s fine too!) Our portfolio features a variety of products that offer a high security level for both commercial and residential properties. You don’t need to tell people to keep out, now you can quite simply keep them out.

Gate Safety Week

As a DHF-accredited supplier, we honoured Gate Safety Week by producing an in-depth post on Gate Safety Week 2017, covering the dangers of unsafe gates, how to spot unsafe gates and what to do if you believe a gate is unsafe. Though we always make sure that our products are professionally installed and maintained, we know that a lack of regard for safety can possibly lead to accidents.

Hydraulic Motors

There’s only one type of motor that is available in our gate portfolio – trusted to do the job every time. Hydraulic motors are smaller and less expensive than electric motors, particularly in situations that demand high torque. Additionally, hydraulic motors can stall without damage and withstand harsh operating environments.


A key offering from Portcullis is installation. Whereas most suppliers would simply offer you a product, we take the stress out of your day using our experienced engineers to deliver and install the gates for you. Installation must be done correctly to reduce wear and tear. So, to ensure that your Portcullis solution doesn’t become a health and safety hazard, we always install our products for our commercial and residential customers.

Job Well Done

We don’t like to toot our own horn too much, but we take pride in a job well done and always strive to make sure that our customers’ expectations are exceeded. We are fully trained in health and safety procedures and ensure that the maintenance, as well as the installation of your gate is delivered to a high standard.


Fancy an upgrade? We are at the forefront of innovation and regularly integrate cutting-edge technology into our offerings. Keypads are just one security measure that you can have as part of your gates, whether they’re commercial or residential.

Liberty Living Ltd

One of our finest national clients, we have enjoyed a healthy working relationship with Liberty Living Ltd – who recently renewed their contract with Portcullis for another three years. We have previous delivered a successful door automation solution to Liberty Living Ltd, preventing their existing doors from becoming a health and safety hazard.

Maintenance and Repair Service

At Portcullis, we design our gates to be long-term solutions. However, every gate will eventually gain wear and tear, which is why we offer our maintenance and repair service too. We take gate safety extremely seriously, which is why we always encourage our customers to leave the difficulties to our trained engineers. Promising you value for money, our maintenance and repair service will ensure that your gate remains in tip top shape.


The gate automation industry is a niche in itself, but we love what we do and we do it to the best of our ability. We’re constantly expanding our portfolio of products and integrating new technology into our designs.

Our Designs

We offer our own distinctive designs, brought to life by the best craftsman in the UK. Alternatively, if you prefer to design your own gate yourself, we have a gate builder application and can transfer your bespoke design onto CAD drawings ready for the workshop to create your vision.

Parking Systems

To go alongside our commercial barriers, we also offer parking systems – which can be configured specially to suit your business needs. Our parking systems come in different sizes depending on the size of your parking area, and support everything from validating barcode tickets to proximity cards. Our systems are also designed for easy maintenance and part swapping to prevent long down-periods.

Quality Products

We take pride in every product that we deliver and we only deliver high quality materials and service. Our trusted engineers have a wealth of experience in installing and maintaining your gates – which are available in a variety of materials depending on your requirements.

Residential Gates

We don’t limit ourselves to providing gates just for commercial purposes. We offer a full portfolio of residential gates, including both manual and automated gates. Whether you prefer a swing gate or choose the speediness of a bi folding gates, we have a variety of options for your home.

Speed Gates

One of our commercial offerings, speed gates have the same design as bi folding gates with the folding back panels. However, bear in mind they are usually slightly larger. Speed gates are known for opening much quicker than other gates. In fact, the opening and closing time is usually between just three and seven seconds. Speed gates are a great option if you have a commercial space that is unable to accommodate a standard gate or require fast access in and out.


Yet another of our offerings – we supply, install, maintain and repair our PG4000 pedestrian turnstile range. Our turnstiles are constructed from mild or stainless steel for long lasting and maintenance-free performance, incorporating the very latest in modern design and styling to ensure maximum convenience and ease of use.

University Projects

Our high quality products and stellar services have allowed us to build long-term customers relationships based on mutual trust and respect. As part of the group company Portico Security Group Ltd, our clients have included the likes of Royal Albert Hall, Cumbria Police, Pzifer’s Research and Liberty Living Ltd to name a few.

Working alongside Liberty Living Ltd has allowed us to work on exciting university themed projects, delivering a variety of solutions to one of the UK’s leading student accommodation providers.

Vehicular Access Control

We offer bollards, commercial barriers and road blockers to commercial properties that require vehicular access control. We even wrote a full post to fully explain vehicular access controls. Our vehicular access control devices are suitable for a variety of environments, from small car parks to train crossings and even areas that require high-tech PSA 68 barriers.

Which? Trusted Trader

We are a Which? Trusted Trader and that is just one of our many accreditations. As a DHF accredited supplier, we regularly tap into a rich source of technical knowledge and practical information on compliance with safety legislation. We are open about our dedication to safety and have made our health and safety policy publically available. We also have accreditations from CHAS, Constructionline and ELESSA as well.


Something that each and every Portcullis employee prides themselves on. From our Managing Director, Justin Earl, to our team of engineers – each and every employee has up-to-date expertise on the gate automation industry and our portfolio of products.

Yale Lock

The classic lock and one of many ways of adding security to your gates. Other security measures for gates include keypad locks, touch recognition locks and motion sensors, all available for commercial and residential gates depending on your specific requirements.

Zinc Plating

We produce gates from a variety of materials, including different types of wood and metal and we do also offer zinc plating if required. Zinc plating has numerous benefits, from combatting the corrosion of steel to having a low stress deposit.