Our gates serve the primary purpose of protecting our property and land, however you can also accessorise your electric gate with extra features to add a pleasant, visual appearance. These extra features can also help provide greater protection of your home and garden.

They can also serve the purpose of simply accessorising your gate and adding extra value. Whilst your gate’s main purpose is to provide extra security to your home, you should also be proud of the appearance, as your gate is usually the first thing people see when they approach your property. Accessorising your gate is just one way you can really add a personal touch to your garden.

If you are looking to accessorise your electric gate, here are some easy and simple tips on accessories you can add to your gate, which can add value, appeal and extra security to your property.

CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras are a useful security tool which can be added to your gate for extra security and peace of mind. They can be linked to your home, so you are aware of who has approached your property and footage can also be recorded to be used in the future, should it be needed.

Surveillance cameras are beneficial as they can make people feel safer, knowing that incidents will be recorded. Having CCTV cameras on your gate and around your property could help spot incidents as the happen, therefore minimising the risk or danger.

Remote controls

You could add a remote control system to your automated gate to really accessorise your electric gate and maximise the potential of your gate. This will allow you to be able to conveniently control your gate from a remote location. Smaller and more convenient remote controls are also available in the form of key-rings. This means you can open or close your gate whilst in your car for ultimate convenience.


Installing a intercom or speaker system to your garden gate is an ideal accessory to step up your security. Intercom and speaker systems allow the homeowner to be able to speak to the person who has approached their property. You can gather information such as the reason for the visit and company they are from. This then enables to homeowner to be able to make the decision as whether they will allow this person into their property.


Garden gate lights can add so much appeal to both your garden and your gate. They are a welcome addition and make entering your garden at night, a warm and welcome experience. You can have lights attached to your gate or alternatively you can use outdoor string lights wrapped around your gates. Adding lights along your pathway is also a nice way to light up your garden and provide a warm welcome to your home.