London Bollards

East London Forecourt Bollard Installation’s

Portcullis were ask to provide a solution to a private customer in Ilford East London.

After have two cars stolen over two consecutive months the customer decided to get the assistance of a professional company specialising in Car Parking Solutions.
Two options where proposed.

Automatic Rising Bollards and Static Manual Bollards, the customer with a minimal budget the second option was considered best for their application.

Day 1 Engineer arrived on site and excavated the Bollard Pitts.
Day 2 – AM Bollards are placed into their holes and shingle is poured into the hole to allow drainage and slight movement of the manual bollard.
Day 2 – PM Concrete poured to just below ground level to allow for block paving.
Day 3 – PM Cut Block paving around bollards and tidy site.

Another London security bollard installation completed. Find out what we can do for you today or alternatively find out more about our residential bollard services