Berkshire School Gate

The Downs School – Berkshire

A highly regarded co-educational comprehensive school and sixth form college serving the rural communities of the Berkshire Downs and beyond.

Even this well managed school in the quiet Berkshire countryside faces some of the problems that are common place throughout the UK.

The school had 3 entrances all with manually operated vehicle gates and pedestrian gates, but they faced a security and logistics problem.

While ensuring the safety and security of the pupils and staff was paramount the logistics of safely managing different types of vehicular traffic at the 3 entrances had to be addressed.

  1. The main gates are used early and late in the school day for entry and exit by pupils, staff and buses.
  2. The “bus lane” gates for bus exit early and late.
  3. The goods entrance gates used all day by various sizes of goods vehicles.

The Atlas Group carried out full surveys and attended various meetings with Downs School senior staff and governors to agree a cost effective solution.

To Provide

  • Automatic Pedestrian Gates
  • Automatic Vehicle Entrance Gates

All were installed with BFT electro hydraulic rams equipment, specified for the ability to work with wind affected palisade gates in this exposed location.

This automation was supplemented with resistive safety edges on the front and rear of the gate leaves to ensure the safety of the pupils, staff and visitors.

Secure access control was provided by GSM based intercom units with integral coded keypads at each gate location.
These intercoms communicate with the school switchboard during normal hours and transfer to key staff mobile telephones during other times.

For emergencies fire brigade drop switches have been installed at each gate. For more information on the services can provide to you, please contact us