Swing Gates

If you’re looking for a commercial gate solution that can provide you with additional security and manage site access, you may be interested in our range of swing gates…

What are swing gates?

Swing gates are steel gates that open and close automatically with the help of electronic, hydraulic or mechanical devices. They work to control vehicular access, increase site security and protect against intrusion. Swing gates can be powered discreetly by the use of underground motors or mounted gate openers for ease of opening and convenience.

When do you need swing gates?

Swing gates are ideal for large multi-use sites that are unable to accommodate a standard gate, such as hospitals, industrial warehouses or military facilities. They are easier to install than sliding gates, can open either internally or externally, and require very little ongoing maintenance.

What materials are swing gates made from?

Swing gates tend to be made from stainless steel in a bar infill design and galvanised to eliminate rust. They either use a linear arm, articulated arm or underground motor system to ensure smooth functionality at all times.

An articulated arm gate opener is often mounted on a brick wall and has two straight arms that are able to reach round and pull the gate open. They are able to open the gate faster than linear actuators and can handle much more weight. However, a linear actuator requires very little room to operate and is the cheapest gate opener to install.

You can personalise your swing gates with additional security features, including 358 mesh, anti-climb spikes, razor wire or high voltage power lines.



The benefits of swing gates

From increased security to swift operation, the versatility of swing gates means they are advantageous in both commercial and residential settings. Some of the benefits of commercial swing gates include:

  • Convenience: Unlike standard gates, automated swing gates can be closed remotely, reducing the need for manual operation. Features like sensors, intercoms, security cameras, and keypads allow you to control who can access your property and make it easy to restrict unauthorised vehicles.
  • Increased security: Swing gates are made from highly durable materials that work to prevent unauthorised vehicles from accessing your land. The gates can be equipped with surveillance equipment that allows you to keep track of who enters your property and can be closed remotely, ensuring your property is always secure.
  • Visual appeal: Swing gates are available in a range of appealing designs with different gate openers that can be fashioned to suit nearly any aesthetic. They can be regal and stately, or simple and professional. The gates can be designed to visually convey your business to employees, clients, and passers-by.
  • Cost-effective: Swing gates allow quick and easy installation and require very little maintenance. They tend to have stable, high-quality hinges with good resistance to distortion, which guarantees long periods of reliable use and are galvanised to minimise rust.
  • Smooth operation: These gates utilise a range of gate opening mechanisms to ensure quick, quiet and smooth operation at the touch of a button. They can open both inwards and outwards and usually allow a delay before safely closing.

At Portcullis, we know that swing gates are not always the best choice for commercial sites. If your entrance way is on a steep upward incline or has limited room for a swing gate to open, sliding gates can be a great alternative.

Why should you choose Portcullis to provide your swing gates?

Portcullis Gate Automation Ltd is an industry-accredited supplier and installer of commercial swing gates. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide the highest quality automation products and gates that are installed safely and efficiently by our industry professionals.

We can supply, install and maintain swing gates with a wide range of additional security features to meet your commercial needs. We use the latest technology in our design process and always adhere to strict health and safety standards.

If you have any enquiries about commercial swing gates, please contact us for more assistance.