Speed Gates

If you’re looking for gates that offer security benefits and open twice as fast as traditional swing gates, then you may be interested in our range of trackless speed gates…

What are speed gates?

Despite the different names, speed gates are essentially the commercial equivalent of bi-folding gates. They have the same design as they both have folding back panels, however these gates are often slightly larger to accommodate for commercial use.

As the name would suggest, speed gates are known for opening much quicker than alternatives, such as swing gates. Generally, the opening and closing time of this type of gate is between three and seven seconds (depending on the version quoted).

When do you need speed gates?

They are a great option if you have a commercial space that is unable to accommodate a standard gate. In addition, if you are looking for a gate solution that has a quick operation and can provide you with additional security and vehicular access control, then they are well worth considering.

What materials are speed gates made from?

They tend to be made of metal and feature a variety of high tech components to ensure smooth functionality. The entire system either uses a PLC controlled, inverter-driven three-phase motor, a worm and wheel gearbox with a direct drive shaft connected to the gate leaf, or a heavy-duty, surface-mounted cylinder drive unit powered by a hydraulic power pack. These intricate systems ensure a smooth movement at all times.

The benefits of speed gates

From access control to swift operation, there’s a whole host of advantages for using them. Here are some of the top benefits:

  • High Security
    They are highly durable and perfect for adding an additional layer of security to your commercial property. Our products are available in various levels of vehicular impact resistance, right up to PAS68 / K12 rating which will stop a 7500 kg vehicle traveling at 50MPH.
  • Quick operation
    Opening in between three and seven seconds, they are as the name would suggest – speedy. Their quick operation provides convenient benefits that are not available from other gates.
  • Trackless
    The trackless design of them makes for easy installation. Additionally, the trackless style of gate eliminates any height restrictions from overhead tracks, as well as avoiding the problem that ground tracks that often fill with debris.
  • Vehicular Access Control
    The swift speed, coupled with the durability of these type of gates makes them the perfect solution to any vehicular access concerns. Furthermore, access control speed gates provide scope for a fast thoroughfare of traffic whilst maintaining security.

Why should you choose Portcullis to provide your speed gates?

As an industry-accredited company with experienced surveyors and gate installers, Portcullis Gate Automation Ltd is perfectly positioned to provide and install these gates. We know that one size doesn’t fit all, so we always tailor gates to your individual requirements.

Since innovation is at the heart of our business, we use the very latest technology in our design process. In addition to this, our construction team consists of professional installers that can provide a quick installation whilst maintaining health and safety standards.

Can I design my own speed gates?

Gates from Portcullis can be supplied in our standard in-fill design or using other designs such as high-security mesh. Alternatively, you can specify your own design – we even have a gate builder app to help you.

Our product portfolio also gives you control over the casing that envelopes the control equipment. You can opt for your control equipment to be inside a 600 x 400mm steel post or the control equipment can be housed externally in steel weatherproof enclosures.

If you have any enquiries about speed gates, feel free to contact us for more assistance.