Commercial Turnstiles

If you are seeking access control solutions that are suitable for spaces that can’t facilitate gates or doors, then you may wish to consider our range of commercial turnstiles…

What are commercial turnstiles?

Turnstiles can be described as mechanical gates that use revolving arms to filter traffic, allowing only one person at a time to pass through. The commercial offerings are specifically designed for public areas such as car parks or shopping centres.

The name itself reflects the turning movement of the mechanism, as the rotating arms tend to revolve horizontally, making it easy for individuals to pass through at a steady pace. These types of gates are particularly useful types of perimeter security devices and, when utilising access control technology, are often used as barriers to thin out large crowds of people.

When do you need a commercial turnstile?

They are best utilised in public areas where access control is required, but there are space or budget limitations that prevent the option for a gate or door. These perimeter security devices are often used to manage crowds and queues, ensuring a steady flow of pedestrian traffic. Examples of turnstile usage in commercial settings include in bus and train stations, shopping centres, car parks and public toilets.

SLiver turnstiles

Full Height Turnstile

Also known as “iron maidens”, full height turnstiles can be only considered full height once they reach seven feet in size. These large devices are akin to a revolving door and due to their size cannot be jumped over and therefore offer maximum security. There are two types of full height turnstile known as exit turnstile and exit only. Exit turnstile types can rotate in either direction and support two-way pedestrian traffic whereas exit only types only move in one direction.

Our PG4000 full height range is designed to support high volumes of pedestrian traffic and the size of turnstile gates are available in a steel hollow tubed construction with a zinc coating finish. This range specialises in supporting rigid security standards.

Half Height Turnstile

Half height turnstiles are commonly seen at attractions and venues such as theme parks or concerts. These are the most frequent and usually function by letting the user insert a pass or ticket to gain access. This, in turn, triggers an electric motor which removes the barrier, allowing the user to pass through.

Our PG4000 half height products are suitable for internal or external use and can be configured to be either single directional or bi-directional. Directional indicators are included within all of our half height turnstile gates and additional options include a choice of automatic or manual drop arms in case of power failure.

Three-Quarter Height Turnstile

As the name indicates, three-quarter height turnstiles are taller than half height offerings. Often, these types are used in stadiums and educational facilities as an extra measure of security as they are more difficult to jump over, but retain their access control properties.

Our PG4000 three-quarter height turnstile gates are available in both single and double walkway models and the designs can be customised to have three wings at 120 degrees or four wings at 90 degrees, dependent on the space you have. Again, directional indicators are included as a standard and these are programmable to function with all access control systems. Three-quarter height types are fabricated from steel and finished with epoxy primer and a polyester powder coat.

Metal turnstiles

What materials are commercial turnstiles made from?

All of our products use the highest quality materials in order to guarantee durability and longevity. There are some variations depending on the materials used dependent on the size you choose and your individual needs.

Our ranges use high-grade stainless steel to ensure that they are hard-wearing. These are finished with epoxy primer and a polyester or zinc powder coating to galvanise them to protect against corrosion

The benefits of commercial turnstiles

From enhanced security to increased access control, there are several merits that come with utilising these products. Here are some of the most significant benefits:

  • Improved security
  • They are an excellent security measure against large crowds, preventing mobbing incidents and health and safety risks. They are often used in venues, allowing stewards to complete safety and security checks before allowing individuals to pass through.
  • Enhanced access control
  • Though turnstiles may not be as strong as bollards or reinforced gates, they are particularly efficient for pedestrian traffic and are therefore excellent when combined with access control solutions. These can also be customised to offer varying degrees of efficiency from keypads to intercoms. The slower rotation of the mechanical arms can also be customised to open using coins, cards or passwords.
  • Flexibility
  • Unlike fixed bollards or heavy duty gates, they are much more flexible in terms of functionality. The smaller size of these products ensures that they are particularly effective in tighter areas that may not be able to accommodate a gate. Additionally, they can be stacked next to each other in a horizontal fashion to cover a larger space. They also are available in a variety of sizes and materials to suit your individual needs.
  • No risk of power outages
  • Since the basic product just involves a mechanical turning arm, they are not dependent on a consistent source of power. This bonus ensures that users do not have to worry about higher electricity bills or operational errors caused by a sudden energy supply restriction.

Why should you choose Portcullis to provide your commercial turnstiles?

Portcullis Gate Automation specialises in supplying, installing and maintaining commercial turnstiles and offers a variety of size specifications to suit a variety of needs. All of our products are constructed from mild or stainless steel, ensuring a durable product that requires minimum maintenance while offering maximum convenience.

We also offer a comprehensive level of customisation, from the height specifications to the materials used, right down to the individual features and a choice of degree for rotor assemblies. We also offer powder galvanisation to keep rust and corrosion at bay.

At Portcullis, we take pride in our many accreditations that serve to highlight our expert engineers and our dedication to providing and installing high-quality products.

If you have any enquiries about commercial turnstiles, feel free to contact us for more assistance.

If you have any enquiries about commercial turnstiles please contact us…