Commercial Parking Systems

Are you considering a revenue generation parking scheme to help with monitoring entry & exit points while maximising your commercial activity? Portcullis with their two leading parking systems can help….


What are parking systems?

These vehicular access devices consist of entry and exit terminals with electromechanical barriers. They are designed to control and monitor the entry and exit points of parking areas. Users withdraw a ticket from the entry machine printed with a unique ID reference, configurable time/date and parking information. Users exit the car park using this ticket after paying the required parking fee at an automatic cash point or manned station.


Why do you need parking systems?

They allow for vehicular access control reducing traffic congestion and ensuring optimal usage of your commercial parking space. These systems use real-time data to process payments quickly and accurately, thereby eradicating the time-consuming process of manual ticketing and potential for human error.


What are the different types of parking systems?

It is important to know which system type is appropriate for your parking area. Portcullis offer two parking revenue marketing schemes, along with a range of accessories that can customise each system to further meet your needs.


The stand-alone system

The stand-alone parking system is a simple pay-on-foot solution. This system consists of entry and exit terminals with electromechanical barriers, an automatic pay station and a desktop validator. The entry column prints the time and date of entry via a barcode on a ticket, which can be read by the pay station and exit column to ensure accurate parking charges are made. The automatic pay station is suited for unattended operation 24/7. The desktop validator performs all the functions of an attended station without the use of a PC and is particularly useful for printing multiple day passes.


The wired system

The wired parking system consists of entry and exit terminals with electromechanical barriers, an automatic pay station and a configurable POS manned station PC. These devices are designed for a wired system and therefore must be connected to the other system components via RS485 serial link. The POS management system is integrated with a central control server which allows real-time management of all devices connected to the network, including remote configuration.



You can customise and scale your parking system with a range of accessories designed to meet your commercial needs. Examples include tag or number-plate reading systems that can be integrated into a wired parking system to allow registered vehicles quick access to the car park. To reduce traffic congestion, vacant spaces indicator panels and lane traffic lights help to control transit through the entry and exit points.


The benefits of parking systems

There are many benefits to using parking systems, the most obvious being to automate car park monitoring. Here are just a few of the best advantages:


Easy to install and use

Both the stand-alone and wired options can be installed quickly and easily. Configurations to the systems can be done via an internal control board, a manned station or by remote connection. All necessary parking details are printed on each ticket to ensure accurate charges can be made. The system also lets you reward loyal customers by integrating tag and number-plate reading devices, allowing registered vehicles quick access to the parking area.



They reduce operating costs as there is no need to hire additional ticketing personnel or administrative staff to manage everyday operations. Each system can be scaled or optimised to meet your commercial needs. The stand-alone options are especially cost-effective because they do not require expensive network installations.


Control traffic flow

These products use sensors and proximity readers to ensure that the entry and exit points of a commercial parking system are accurately monitored. The barriers are able to manage passages up to eight metres and are available for intensive and very intensive use, allowing you to control how frequently vehicles are admitted. You can also further reduce traffic congestion with the vacant spaces indicator panel or lane traffic lights.


Enhanced security

Vandalism and theft are two common issues that car owners face when using public parking areas. Our systems feature vandal resistant ticket request buttons and pay station cash boxes that can only be removed with a safety key. They can include a digital intercom module and number-plate reading feature, allowing you to easily communicate with and monitor customers. While these vehicular access devices can’t protect against all security issues, they allow for more accuracy and control when monitoring a commercial parking area.


Why should you choose Portcullis to provide your parking systems?

Portcullis Gate Automation Ltd is an industry accredited supplier. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide the best quality accessibility automation products while delivering exceptional customer service. We use the latest technology in our design process and our professional installers ensure your parking system is installed quickly and safely.

If you have any enquiries about commercial parking systems, please contact us for more assistance.