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If you’re seeking a commercial product that streamlines crowds, reinforces traffic systems and even controls traffic flow, then you might want to consider our commercial bollards.


What are commercial bollards?

Bollards are stout, steel cylinders that rise out of the ground in pedestrian areas and work to thin crowds and block routes from drivers. Commercial bollards are bollards that are used in public environments such as town centres and shopping centres – generally areas that are frequently populated. Commercial bollards are often used as vehicular access devices to reinforce traffic systems and to separate pedestrian areas from roads.


What are commercial bollards made of?

Typically, commercial bollards are made from steel which allows them to effectively block cars and trucks.

Different bollards are made from different materials depending on the type of bollard. For example, rebounding bollards designed to stop speeding vehicles may also be made from impact resistant material whereas embedded bollards can be made of steel, concrete or wood.

If you prefer your bollards to also contain lights, commercial solar bollards will utilise solar panels in order to store photons throughout the day to provide light at the night.


Commercial bollards

Different types of bollards

It is also worth noting that bollards can sometimes be confused with road blockers and commercial barriers. Road blockers tend to be ramps that raise and fall and commercial barriers are much larger than bollards. There are also different types of commercial bollards, which can include the following:

  • Embedded BollardsThe most simple bollard to use, embedded bollards are quite simply bollards that are embedded deep into the ground. These tend to be quite cost effective and can be made out of steel, concrete or wood. In commercial environments where the strength of the bollard is important, steel is most commonly used with a reinforced concrete foundation.
  • Surface Mounted BollardsThese types of bollards are not very secure, they usually utilise a type of anchor system to secure them to a surface. The benefits of surface mounted bollards are that they are very cost effective however, the anchors are usually weak and cannot withstand much impact. Surface mounted bollards are often used as a psychological deterrent but in reality are not the most effective for security.
  • Rebounding BollardsA newer type of bollard is the rebounding bollard which is commonly seen in the United Kingdom as a sign maker or psychological barrier. Rebounding bollards combine the low installation costs and flexibility of surface mounted bollards and the strength of embedded bollards. They have a mechanism inside that absorbs impact and dissipates the energy of a vehicle that has crashed into it.

    Another benefit to rebounding bollards is that they reduce damage dealt to loads, passengers and vehicles upon impact. Although they are less damaging, these types of bollards are not actually intended to control traffic flow.

  • Rising BollardsThe versatility of rising bollards makes them particularly suitable for commercial environments. An immediate benefit of rising bollards is that their access control is not permanent – they can be raised and lowered as required providing optimum control over vehicular access and traffic control.

    When flat, these bollards are discreet and provide a safe, pedestrian walking surface and when they are raised, they act as a strong security measure against vehicles.


Benefits of bollards

An overarching benefit of commercial bollards is that they are discreet and simple solutions to a lot of traffic and safety concerns in commercial environments. Below are just a few of the top benefits of bollards:

  • Control traffic flowWhen utilised correctly, bollards can reinforce traffic systems by preventing drivers from turning down streets they shouldn’t. Additionally, bollards serve as a physical block between pedestrian and driver areas.

    Timed bollards are particularly useful for controlling traffic within specific time periods, for example, you may need to cut off a road at night but keep it open in the day. Timed bollards make this possible and can be set to rise and lower as and when you need them to. Some timed bollards even feature infrared sensors that can distinguish between cars and buses to further control traffic flow.

  • Provide a safe walking surfaceWhen lowered, rising commercial bollards provide a safe walking surface, additionally, they have no sharp edges so pose no harm to pedestrians who may pass by.
  • Can be used as a security measure against car ramming attacksMore and more, bollards are being implemented by city councils across the UK in major city centres following car ramming attacks across the world. Though they can’t protect against every attack, commercial bollards are strong enough to withstand impact from cars.
  • Don’t visually affect the environmentAlthough they do need to be installed in the ground (and will affect the environment during that process) once installed, bollards don’t visually impact upon surrounding areas. Think how often you’ve passed them in shopping centres, once lowered you won’t notice them
  • Crowd streamliningAn additional benefit of bollards is their streamlining of crowds. Pedestrians often gather on streets around shops so car accidents can be a worry factor. Thankfully, bollards provide a tangible barrier between pedestrians and vehicles.

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Why should you choose Portcullis to provide your bollards?

Portcullis Gate Automation Ltd is an industry accredited supplier and installer of commercial bollards. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality and accessible automation products that are installed by our team of industry professionals.

We are capable of supplying, installing and maintaining a wide variety of commercial bollards from fixed bollards to automated rising bollards. Our commercial bollards are also available in a variety of different finishes to suit your desired aesthetic with certain ranges also featuring an automatic timer function.

If you have any enquiries about commercial bollards, feel free to contact us for more assistance.