Commercial Road Blockers – Rising Curbs

Commercial road blockerRoad Blockers often referred to as rising curbs are machine driven access control devices that rise up from the ground to stop vehicular traffic. They can be installed in a variety of ways from surface mounted rising and lowering like a speed ramp to PAS 68 counter terrorism road blockers that can stop a fully loaded 7500kg lorry travelling at a speed of 50mph.

Portcullis Gate Automation in supply, install and maintain a wide range of road blockers including surface mount road blockers, mini-wedge road blockers and PAS 68 counter terrorism road blockers; all in compliance with the Machinery Directive and HSE health and safety recommendations.

If you require a road blocker installation company, a road blocker maintenance company or a road blocker repair company anywhere in the South of England then please contact us. We are here to help.

Rising Curb Road Blockers ↓ show more detail ↓

Rising curb road blockers are comically referred to as cheese wedges that rise out of the ground. They are generally used in commercial environments where vehicular access control is extremely important and not permitted without prior authorised permission. Rising curb road blockers are very much a high security or counter terrorism measure.

Kent road blocker installers
Mini blocker

Surface Mount Road Blockers ↓ show more detail ↓

Surface mount road blockers are a more cost effective access control solution for areas such as golf club car parks where barriers and gates may not suit. They are ideal where access control is necessary but high security is less of a concern than speed of entrance and budget. No foundations or drainage are required.

Surface mount road blocker motor
Portcullis Gate Automation surface mount road blocker installers

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