Commercial Services

From our regional offices based in Kent, Buckinghamshire, Yorkshire and Berkshire, Portcullis Gate Automation serves commercial customers across London, the Home Counties and the South of England, as well as specialist projects nationwide. Thanks to our decades of combined experience, we can provide a complete one-stop solution, from design and manufacture to installation, maintenance and repairs.

Our extensive product range includes manual gates, electric gates, gate automation, parking systems, barriers, road blockers, bollards and turnstiles.

The Portcullis client base includes The Crown Estate, BT, Port of London Authority, Sainsbury’s, Thames Water, Howletts Zoo, The Royal Albert Hall, as well as a host of major pharmaceutical companies and schools.

Our advanced knowledge, technical ability and experience means that we are often contracted by leading facilities management companies and multinational organisations. They utilise our services to find solutions to complex problems, or for maintenance and breakdowns.

All our work is carried out in compliance with the Machinery Directive and health and safety recommendations as outlined by the Health and Safety Executive. Commercial customers can take advantage of our pre-planned preventive maintenance contracts, as well as our 24-hour emergency callout services.

Commercial Gate Automation

As commercial and electric gate automation specialists, we design, manufacture, install, maintain and repair a wide range of automated gates, including swing, sliding and bi-folding. Please view our Commercial Gate Automation page for more information, or contact us if you would prefer to speak to a Portcullis representative.

Sliding Gates

Here at Portcullis, we have no bias towards sliding gates because we also design, manufacture, install and maintain high-quality hinged gates. Many local factors dictate whether sliding or hinged gates will work for you and for us; it’s simply a question of which style will best meet your commercial needs.

Comercial gate company Kent

Electric sliding gates are much more secure because they are difficult to force open, and can operate as either cantilevered or tracked gates. Automatic sliding gates are most suitable for wide openings and offer a practical solution for restricted parking areas.

Swing Gates

Our commercial swing gates offer a cost-effective solution to controlling site access and are made from steel in a bar infill design. They are then galvanised to eliminate rust. Swing gates are best suited to sites where an average gate size of 6m wide by 3m high is required, and an average opening speed of 20 to 30 seconds.

automatic school gates in Essex

Additional features such as mesh, razor wire or anti-climb spikes can be added to increase site security and are available in larger sizes if required. However, for large sites, sliding or folding gates may be better.

Speed Gates

Speed gates are a great option if you have a commercial space that is unable to accommodate swing or sliding gates. Our speed gates are made of metal and use high-tech components to ensure smooth functionality and quick operation, opening at twice the speed of a traditional swing gate of the same size.

Commercial Bi-Folding Gates

Speed gates are highly durable and their trackless design makes for easy installation. They are ideal for vehicular access control and security, as they have the same design as bi-folding gates but are larger for commercial use.

Commercial Barriers

Our commercial barriers provide simple and cost-effective vehicular access control for a range of environments, from small office car parks to secure government facilities. They administer the same functional control as commercial bollards and road blockers, but are best suited to high security sites.

Barrier installation company

While our commercial barriers may look similar, the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of each barrier varies. Security barriers play a vital role in a secure access control system and can either be automated or manually operated.

Commercial Blockers

Commercial road blockers, or rising curbs, are machine-driven access control devices that rise from the ground to stop vehicular traffic. They are commonly used as high security or counter-terrorism measures in commercial areas where traditional barriers and gates cannot be installed.

Kent road blocker installers

Automated road blockers offer a cost-effective and reliable solution to prevent unwanted vehicle access in both manned and unmanned areas. They are fully automated and utilise the latest hydraulic technology to ensure they are suitable for intensive commercial use.

Commercial Bollards

Commercial bollards work to thin crowds, increase security, define perimeter boundaries and control vehicular access in frequently populated public areas. Bollards act as physical and psychological deterrents to unauthorised entry and can be made from a range of different materials depending on their purpose.

Kent bollard specialists

Our bollards can be embedded, surface mounted, rebounding or automated to meet your commercial requirements. Rising bollards are particularly suited to commercial environments as they can be raised and lowered to provide optimum control over pedestrian areas.

Commercial Parking Systems

Our commercial parking systems work to monitor entry and exit points, reduce traffic congestion and ensure optimal usage of your commercial space. They use real-time data to process payments quickly and accurately, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual ticketing.

Kent parking systems installer

You can customise your commercial parking system with a range of accessories to suit your needs, including number-plate reading systems, vacant spaces, indicator panels, and lane traffic lights to control vehicular access.

Commercial Turnstiles

Commercial turnstiles are mechanical gates that filter traffic in areas that cannot facilitate traditional gates or doors, such as in bus and train stations. Turnstiles use revolving arms to admit large crowds and queues into a commercial area, allowing for a steady flow of pedestrian traffic.

Kent turnstile installer

Our commercial turnstiles can either be installed at full height, three-quarter height or half height to meet your commercial needs. They are made with stainless steel, are suitable for both internal and external use and can be configured to be bi-directional if required.

For more information on our commercial services, please contact us to speak to a Portcullis Gate Automation representative today.