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It assures value from beginning to end in the supply chain and procurement cycle, strong relationships and excellent service.

High Quality, Ethically Sourced Materials

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Holding a Construction Line accreditation means that we maintain compliance with all new standards and regulations within the construction industry. We are committed to only installing security automated solutions that have come from the highest quality material manufacturers and suppliers, allowing us to maximise our services and what we can provide for our customers.

Portcullis provide complete one-stop perimeter cost-effective security solutions, created from the best resources for each individual customer. We are available 24/7 365 days a year nationwide, should our customers require our high-quality maintenance and repair services.

Our service is recommended by the OGC Common Minimum Standards and The Local Government Task Force.

How They Got Started

Construction Line has been working with construction buyers and suppliers for over 20 years. They work closely with their partners and have a deep understanding of buyers’ needs. Constructionline pride themselves on opening up opportunities for members to access a wide range of procurement contracts and projects – and for buyers to access a validated pool of high-quality suppliers.

Their Vision

To help members simplify procurement tasks, reduce risk, keep pace with legislation and achieve much more. To build value from beginning to end in the supply chain and procurement cycle. Relationships are core to delivering an excellent service. They work closely with buyers, suppliers and partners to maximise the value they get from working with Constructionline.

More about Construction Line

 Compliance is at the heart of what they do. Whether it’s getting to grips with new standards and requirements or updating their systems to enable buyers to search on a wider range of criteria, Construction Line experts keep ahead of changing regulation – and so does the platform.

Not only do they work to enhanced PAS91 criteria, but they can also validate suppliers as ‘Deemed to satisfy’ for SSIP via their health and safety specialists at Acclaim. In using the Constructionline platform, buyers can expect to simplify and speed up their search, validation and purchasing decision processes considerably, improving resource and cost-efficiency.

To read more about Construction Line visit their website.

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