Bi Folding Gates

Do you require a gate that is convenient in terms of functionality and doesn’t take up too much space? In that case, you may find that a bi folding gate suits your needs perfectly…

What are bi folding gates?

A bi folding gate (also known as a speed gate) is a type of gate with folding back sections, known as panels. The Latin prefix bi- means two, therefore bi folding gates are gates that have two folding back sections (or panels). Bi folding gates come in a variety of sizes and materials. What’s more, they can also be used both internally or externally.

When do you need a bi folding gate?

If your space doesn’t have the capacity to fit a sliding gate or you feel that a hinged gate is too intrusive, you should consider a bi folding gate. Bi folding gates are a great alternative to swing gates as they only take up a quarter of that space – thereby solving the problem.

In the event that your gate needs to fold only to one side, we can install a customised gate that uses only two leaves that fold in one direction, giving you maximum vehicular access.

For extra convenience, you can choose automated gates – which eliminate the need to open your gate manually and save you both time and effort. Automatic bi folding driveway gates in particular are a popular option among people looking for a convenient and effective solution to protecting their property. Bi folding driveway gates are just one of the many solutions we can offer at Portcullis.

What materials are bi folding gates made from?

Whether you’re looking for bi folding wooden gates or bi folding wrought iron gates, Portcullis can create a design to suit your needs. Alternatively, you can opt for the standard bar in-fill design.

Only using the highest quality materials, we can offer gates either in galvanised and powder coated steel designs or made from high quality hardwoods such as Iroko or Utile.

Stuck on which material to go for? Check out our designs page for some inspiration.

The benefits of bi folding gates

We have already covered some of the bonuses of bi folding gates, but the two biggest are:

  • Quick operation
  • Bi folding gates only take between six to ten seconds to open – that’s twice the speed of a conventional gate.
  • Take up minimal space
  • The folding panels mean that bi folding gates take up far less room than the standard model – which is why so many residents choose them.

Why should you choose Portcullis to provide your bi folding gates?

Of course. At Portcullis we have a gate builder app that allows you to fully customise your own gate from the bar design to additional decorations.

If you have any enquiries about bi folding gates, feel free to contact us for more assistance.