Residential Bi-Folding Gates

Offering fast efficient operation whilst still complying with all Safety Requirements

The Portcullis Range of Bespoke Residential Bi Folding gates offer the client the opportunity to have an automated swing gate in an area that a standard gate would not fit.

When the client has an incline rising upwards into the drive that a standard swing gate would bottom out on, the bi fold design only takes up a quarter of the space solving the problem.

Our dedicated team can design and manufacture any design using the latest technologies, view our videos to give an insight into the construction techniques used during the manufacturing process.

See various designs in the OUR DESIGNS page or use the GATE BUILDER APPLICATION to design your own see the link below

The gates can be supplied in our standard bar infill design or other designs including ornate designs in metal or wood, we are happy to create a design specified by the client.

We pride ourselves at Portcullis by offering Bi Folding gates in galvanised and powder coated steel designs or from high quality hardwoods such as Iroko or Utile.

Our experienced surveyors will visit your home and help design the right gate for your needs.

When space requires a gate to only fold to one side, Portcullis can install a solution that uses only two leaves that fold back out of the way in one direction giving maximum vehicular entry needed.

As the Bi fold gate opens in twice the speed of a conventional swing gate between 3 to 7 seconds, it offers the client the affordability to swiftly enter their property when required.

Automation is available using surface mounted operators on the rear of the gate leaf or underground if required.

The Bi Fold gates can be interfaced with most access control systems.

Electric gates are classed as machines and can cause serious harm if not installed and maintained correctly by professional gate installers. This was tragically highlighted in June 2010 by the deaths of two young children trapped by powered gates in separate incidents less than one week apart.