Weather Warnings: Protecting your gates from various weather conditions

Whether you’re choosing residential gates or commercial gates, the weatherability of the product should be a deciding factor. When it comes to weather warnings, most people forget the perils of strong weather on their gates. Here are our top tips for protecting your gates in any climate.

Sun and Heat
Sun may appear to be the optimum weather for your gates however, dependent on the materials used, sun can be harmful. Sun isn’t a prominent issue for automated gates however, it can cause trouble for those with wooden gates. Over time, wooden gates can fade as the sun acts as a natural bleach.

Heat can also cause issues, especially if the fence is very rigid and doesn’t allow for expansion and contraction. When subjected to prolonged heat or sun exposure, wood can weaken causing your beautiful gate to split or crack.

To combat potential damage from the sun’s harsh rays, we recommend using a high quality stain or oil. Using a stain once will not guarantee permanent protection, so be sure to treat your gate regularly before summer begins. We recommend using a high quality stain or oil and spending a day treating your fence allowing for time to dry.

Rain can have a negative impact on your gates whether they are wooden or metal. With wooden gates, moisture can soak into the permeable material causing it to swell, sag or even warp. Sometimes, rain can also cause minor holes which can expand if left untreated. Metal gates are not always impervious to rain. Iron gates for example, are notorious for rusting in the rain, so be sure to take the right steps to prevent your gates from degrading over time.

Small holes can be filled with putty which is readily available in many DIY stores. Simply block the hole with putty and allow to dry to prevent further damage from occurring. For metal gates it is ideal if you have chosen a gate made with a waterproof material however, don’t worry if you haven’t. As rust can be removed, some people will use a grinder but a drawback of a grinder is that it can take the paint with the rust! Instead, we recommend using a stiff wire brush to scrape away the rust.

Snow and Ice
Snow and ice can cause similar issues to rain damage. Wooden gates may be susceptible to warping when exposed to the moisture that makes up snow and ice. Cold temperatures can also cause metal to become brittle, while heavy snow can place pressure on gates causing a collapse.

We always advise choosing a strong and durable gate and having it installed professionally whenever possible. Use waterproof treatments prior to winter to reduce the damage and be sure to brush off snow as it piles high on your gate to reduce strain.

Strong winds
Strong winds can cause gates to twist, wobble or even tear away from their hinges so the material used for your gates is important. Choosing materials that are resistant to corrosion will help your gates to last longer. You should also choose a sturdy design and have it professionally installed to ensure that it won’t blow away next time there’s a gale. Use our gate builder to create a gate that suits your needs, or opt for a strong metal gate that won’t sag in the weather.

While these preventative measures should help you to protect your gates from extreme conditions, there is one final option. Here at Portcullis, we also offer a maintenance and repair service so if your gates are already damaged why not see if we can fix them?

Portcullis and Grand Designs’ Sussex House

Grand Designs Sussex HouseImage source: James Morris, House Of The Year in the Royal Institute Of British Architects awards, (no changes made). 

Wilson King Architects, 2015 Grand Designs RIBA Finalist, contacted Portcullis Gate Automation Ltd in 2013 on behalf of Sussex House to carry out a detailed site survey to establish the clients exact needs for electric gates at their home.

The brief was for a contemporary gate entrance to the property that would sit and weather well within the landscape, and respond materially to the tree lined site and rural setting.

The main building was to sit within a separate fenced area with a secondary automatic gate to prevent the intrusion of the vast rabbit population that resides on the South Down’s.

The house is built to high environmental performance standards and was seen on Grand Designs.

Entrance fencing and gates at Sussex House.

The customer wanted the galvanized frame work to become a feature of the swing gates, clad inside and out, but allowing airflow through due to the openness of the surrounding area as the gates would be subject to high winds during bad weather.

Internal rabbit gates where installed to stop the large population of rabbits from entering the main house gardens, the gates had to remain within the machinery directive regulations but functional.

Portcullis Gate Automation Ltd have been a leading electric gate installer throughout the county of Sussex and the South East and nationally for many years.

We have Installed Residential Electric and Wooden Gates In Brighton, Domestic Automatic Gates In Horsham and Bespoke Designed Electric Metal Gates in Haywards Heath,

Benefits of using Portcullis Gates:

  • Three Year Warranty (subject to our Maintenance contract)
  • Free on site surveys
  • Cad drawing service
  • Local and national engineers
  • over 25 years trading

Any design of gate is possible but must comply with the HSE Machinery Directives. Portcullis Gate Automation Ltd  prides itself on being at the forefront of safety design, our specialist hinges and innovative product design reduce the need for safety edges allowing the natural design of the gate to shine through.


If you own a private residential property that has an electric gate and you rent out that property the electric gate installation is then considered in law to be a commercial gate. The health and safety compliance is then more relevant and involved. For help on this often overlooked, but very important topic, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our designs.

Portcullis Gates Opens Leeds Branch

Portcullis Gates, Leeds Branch has recently moved to larger premises due to expansion within the branch.

Since the branch started trading in May 2014, carrying out electric gate repairs and safety upgrades throughout Yorkshire and beyond the business has grown rapidly.

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Bedfordshire University Gate Project

In January, Portcullis Gate Automation teamed up with Liberty Living to undertake an electric swing gate safety upgrade for Bedfordshire University.

Portcullis Gates Logo

This Bedford electric gate automation project was completed for a safety upgrade under gate compliance for the machinery directive.

Liberty Living, one of the countries largest student living accommodation specialists, contracted Portcullis Gate Automation to provide countrywide support to its ever expanding portfolio of electronic gates, barriers, auto doors, electric roller shutters and access control systems.

Bedfordshire University Gate Installation - Portcullis

The gate was re-made to eliminate the areas of entrapment and the automation was upgraded to provide load detection as well as resistive safety edges.

The posts were left in place to minimise disruption and the complete upgrade was finishing within two working days

Portcullis Gates Welcome The News That CPPIB Acquires Liberty Living

Portcullis Gate Automation Ltd provides one Key Account Liberty Living a major student accommodation provider with Installation Corrective and Pre Planned Preventative Maintenances of Manual Roller Shutters, Electric Roller Shutters, Manual Gates, Electric Gates, Automatic Gates, Turn Styles, Barriers and Access control systems, CPPIB The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board Enters acquires Liberty Living and Liberty Living Management to enter into the U.K. Student Accommodation Sector making CPPIB Liberty Living the UK’s Third largest Student accommodation provider.

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RSPB is our preferred charity: Eagles Decline is Fact!

RSPB is our preferred charity as The Eagle is in Decline

Why is this so important?

The decline of The Eagle could be inevitable

Some believe the Eagle to be a master of the UK, but alas with such competition out there on so many levels it may see a decline in the UK it never saw coming.

Portcullis Gate Automation believes in a green future for All

We have a firm and evolving commitment to maintaining and improving on the “Green Ethos” of a sustainable future.

Our core policy objectives are to:
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CHAS approval

Portcullis Gate Automation Ltd gains CHAS Approval

Principles and Purpose

Assessing suppliers health and safety competence is usually a lengthy and time consuming process thousands of contractors and consultants (suppliers) apply for work with public and private sector organisations (buyers). To win work, they must meet the buyer’s health and safety standards.

Suppliers can sometimes meet one buyer’s Health and Safety standards but not another. Being CHAS approved reduces

duplication as suppliers compliance is accepted by all CHAS buyers.

CHAS assesses applicants:

Health and safety policy statement;
Their organisation for health and safety;
Their specific health and safety arrangements to a standard acceptable to our buyers and to others.
Background In 1997 a group of health and safety and procurement professionals from across Great Britain worked with the Association of London Government (ALG) to develop CHAS. In 2001 CHAS became a web-based system.

CHAS started with two main aims.

To improve health and safety standards across Great Britain.

To reduce duplicated safety applications for both suppliers and buyers.

These days we have more than 400 public and private sector buyer organisations, such as councils, housing associations, NHS trusts, including a growing number of large private companies who employ sub-contractors.

CHAS Benefits:
Participating in the CHAS scheme helps both suppliers and buyers.

Suppliers show compliance with important parts of health and safety law (the core criteria described in the CDM regulations).
On achieving compliance a supplier is approved to work for all of CHAS’ buyers.(Some Buyers may require “Accredited” Status)
Inconsistencies are reduced where some suppliers may be judged compliant by one buyer but not another.
CHAS gives guidance on any weaknesses in a supplier’s safety management, including how they can improve.
Being a CHAS supplier or buyer saves both time and resources

The Stages of Assessing Competency
There are three stages in the assessment process from the time a supplier applies for a CHAS assessment, through to working for a buyer:

The CHAS assessment: if a supplier passes this assessment they have shown they can adequately manage health and safety.
The employer (buyer) checks a supplier has the ability, experience and resources to carry out the specific work they have applied to do. The buyer will look at things like method statements, specific risk assessments, references, examples of previous similar work, training and available resources.
Monitoring the supplier when they are doing the work. Buyers will check suppliers are managing the work safely, carrying out the method statements properly, have enough resources, liaising properly, managing the site effectively and providing enough supervision.
The level of assessment at stages 2 and 3 are normally proportionate to the level of risk they carry. Buyers have a responsibility to monitor suppliers, making sure they are working safely, in order to protect staff and everyone who may be affected by the work.

Accessing the CHAS Database

Buyers have access to the CHAS database, suppliers you do not have access, other than your own personal pages if you are accredited. Suppliers cannot access information that relates to other suppliers.

CHAS is registered under the Data Protection Act, but there is no personal information kept in the database about you (only factual) so there is no information a supplier has right of access to. However, under normal circumstances the scheme manager will gladly tell suppliers about details contained in their entry.

CHAS Management
The Association of London Government Health and Safety Forum licensed Merton Council as the CHAS administrator and promoter. View the organisation chart.

In 2002, a National Management Board – made up of GMB and UCATT trade unions as well as safety and procurement professionals – was established to check the scheme is managed in line with its Constitution. The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) also announced their support for CHAS.

CHAS only makes changes to the scheme following direction from the board.

Who audits CHAS?
They continued founder member status with the HSE supported Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) competence forum, is reliant upon continued annual accreditation by an Independent SSIP appointed Auditor who in turn, has been approved by the Health & safety Executive.

CHAS is also audited annually by the UKAS accredited certification body BM TRADA Certification to both the ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards, thus ensuring our quality and environmental management systems continue to deliver a high quality service and operate in an environmentally friendly manner.

Who are the CHAS assessors?
All CHAS Assessors are NEBOSH qualified, practicing health and safety professionals who also attend CHAS specific training on a regular basis. CHAS currently has a team of over 130 accredited assessors.

CHAS is established as the market leader for health and safety pre-qualification in the UK. It is a non-commercial scheme available to suppliers (those who provide goods and services) and to organisations (buyers) looking for suitably competent suppliers.

Membership includes the public sectors: health trusts, emergency services and government departments and large private companies who have a supply chain, for example Royal Mail Group, Kier and Mitie Group. Ultimately we complete the initial H&S application process for buyers, saving time and resources for all involved in the process.

CHAS isn’t just for construction companies, it assesses health and safety for all types of suppliers, from care services to demolition contractors, designers and consultants. The aim of the scheme is to save time and resources by avoiding unnecessary duplication in the first stage of competence assessment; the CDM Core criteria.

SEAP 3 Gate Automation

Portcullis Gate Automation Ltd have been issued a national contract to Automate SEAP 3 rated gates throughout England, Scotland and Wales 

A leading contractor within the construction industry with a strong portfolio in the delivery of both civil engineering and building projects, approached Portcullis Gate Automation to take over the project after their previous supplier failed to deliver a viable solution,

They are committed to working in partnership to provide high quality, innovative solutions through the application of sound value engineering and value management techniques from initial feasibility to implementation and commissioning of the completed project. there range of activities includes: refurbishment and new build of stations, design and build of rail depots, the reconstruction of rail infrastructure including bridge, tunnels and viaducts, and the construction of multi-storey car parks


Site Gets New Buttons

The Designers have created a master piece with the new editable buttons spacifically designed for the Portico Group.

A special thanks to Robert and the team for all there hard work

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Pfizer Renew Electric Gate Maintenance

Image source: Pfizer

In such a competitive marketplace, winning business for companies can be tough, Our continued ability to achieve the requirements on Health and Safety compliance, call reaction time, a 100% successful Job completion rate, has helped Portcullis Gate Automation LTD be invited to continue providing our services for yet another year.


A task we never take for granted no matter how large or small the company we will provide an unrivaled level of service for the maintenance and breakdown service for:

  • Electric Sliding Gates
  • Electric Swing Gates
  • Rising Bollards
  • Turnstiles
  • Car Parking Barriers
  • Automatic Entrance Gates
  • Bi Folding Gates
  • Crash barriers
  • Crash Blockers

Do you require any emergency gate engineer please contact us now.