RSPB is our preferred charity: Eagles Decline is Fact!

RSPB is our preferred charity as The Eagle is in Decline

Why is this so important?

The decline of The Eagle could be inevitable

Some believe the Eagle to be a master of the UK, but alas with such competition out there on so many levels it may see a decline in the UK it never saw coming.

Portcullis Gate Automation believes in a green future for All

We have a firm and evolving commitment to maintaining and improving on the “Green Ethos” of a sustainable future.

Our core policy objectives are to:

• Benefit the environment by conserving resources
• Reduce waste
• Reduce costs through efficiencies and staff awareness
• Fulfil customers expectation of businesses to look after their environment
• Attract new customers
• Offer business customers in particular the green certified suppliers they are increasingly demanding
• Improve our public image
• Improve the customer experience
• Improve the quality of the service we provide
• Benefit the local community
• Support the local economy
• Reduce congestion and pollution
• Enhance the natural environment
• Improve customer awareness of “Green Issues”

Portcullis Gate Automation has made the RSPB our preferred charity

Read more about the decline with the BBC article here

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