Pfizer Call in Portcullis at Sandwich

Pfizer, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world, was established over 160 years ago and opened its first operation in Kent in 1952.

The Pfizer research and development facility in Sandwich was so large it was often
viewed as a village and employed approximately 2,500 people.

An operation as large as this obviously requires huge resources in facilities management, which was outsourced allowing Pfizers to concentrate on its core business.

The security of the site is a critical facility and part of the external access control employed some 50 different forms electro-mechanical devices including sliding gates, swing gates, rising bollards, rising arm barriers and turnstiles.

Pfizers and the facilities management company were dissatisfied with the level of service being provided by the company they employed to maintain the external access control equipment so on recommendation from one of the existing Portcullis customers we were approached to provide that service.


Portcullis was closely monitored during an initial trial period and once successfully completed we were very pleased to sign a contract to join the supply chain for this crucial part of the facilities management.

We are proud of our relationship with this site and even though announcements were made during 2010 to dramatically downsize the Pfizer presence at Sandwich we are pleased to accept the invitation to renew the contract thereby continuing our services to the site; which has now been rebranded “Discovery Park”.