Electric Gates London

Portcullis Gates have been an electric gates supplier within the London area and the across the South of the country for many years.

Please see below for some case studies of our work within this area;

Mews – West London

Illegal and inconsiderate parking – some of the “pleasures” of city life in 21st. century London.

The Portico Group was asked by the owners of a small private mews to provide a solution to prevent illegal parking in the mews and across the entrance blocking access.

Additionally at nights the area was being fouled by drunks on their way from local pubs and clubs using it as a toilet.

The Portico Group solved their problems by installing an automated rising bollard close to the entrance of the mews preventing inconsiderate and illegal parking across the entrance but leaves access to the wheely bins.

Plus Portico installed automated gates closing off the private parking area within the mews.

This automated gates were supplemented with resistive safety edges on the to ensure the safety of the persons and vehicles entering and leaving the mews.

Secure access control was provided by a GSM based intercom unit with integral coded keypad.
This intercom communicates with residents and shop owners via either their landline or mobile telephones enabling them to control access through the gates from anywhere in the world.

For emergencies a fire brigade drop switch has been installed outside the gate.