Swing Gates

Swing Gates offer a cost effective solution to controlling access to various types of sites.
Portcullis will design the correct gate for the application required, as the swing gate is not always the perfect choice.
Swing gates are best suited to sites where an average gate size of 6m wide maximum by 3m high maximum is required with an average opening speed of 20 to 30 seconds. Larger sizes are available if required but changing to a sliding or Bi Folding gate may be a better design.
When planning for swing gates areas of entrapment behind the gate on opening and ground levels must be considered.
Gates manufactured from Palidsade are susceptible to affect by high winds. It is crucial to fit the correct operators to overcome this problem.

Swing gates are made as standard from steel in a bar infill design. They are finished in a minimum of galvanising to eliminate rust.
They are then either paint sprayed or Polyester Powder coated in a colour required.
Additional security features such as 358 mesh, Anticlimb spikes, razor wire to the top of the gates or in very high security applications, high voltage power lines are fed across and through the gates.

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