Commercial Bollards

Commercial bollardsPortcullis Gate Automation supply, install and maintain a wide range of bollards from manual and fixed bollards up to PAS 68 tested automated rising bollards. Many are available in different finishes in order to meet aesthetic / branding requirements, with some ranges being linked to automatic timers restricting the bollards to set time constraints.

Introduction to Commercial Bollards ↓ show more detail ↓

Bollards are steel cylinders that appear to rise out of the ground in areas such as pedestrian gateways or bus lanes. They can be installed in private residences, but are more often used in commercial environments.

Rising bollards are very good vehicle access control devices. They are a perfect solution for applications requiring access control at specific intervals, but not all hours.

Rising bollard installers Kent
Internal workings of a rising bollard

Our Commercial Bollard Services ↓ show more detail ↓

Depending on your location, we will instruct one of our surveyors to manage your enquiry. They will discuss with you the functional requirements; manual theft control bollards at a car showroom, a series of fixed bollards to permit pedestrian only access into a specified zone in front of a high rise London tower, a bus lane automatic rising bollard controlled by remote access control, or a PAS 68 tested counter terrorism bollard for a high security location. An assessment will be made on the level of security that is required through the bollard installation.

Rising bollard compressor
Kent rising bollards

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