Commercial Bi-Folding Gates

Portcullis offer a range of trackless Bi folding speed gates that open at typically twice the speed of a traditional swing gate of the same size which ensures a fast throughput of traffic whilst maintaining security.

The system is designed to either use a PLC controlled invertor driven 3 phase motor, worm and wheel gearbox with a direct drive shaft connected to the gate leaf or a heavy duty surface mounted cylinder drive unit powered by a hydraulic power pack. 230V single phase or 3 phase available.

These control systems ensure a smooth and positive movement.

Our trackless design will eliminate any height restrictions from overhead tracks and any ground tracks that fill with debris that create operational problems.

The gates are available in various levels of vehicular impact resistance up to PAS68 / K12 rating which will stop a 7500kg vehicle travelling at 50MPH.

The gates can be supplied in our standard bar infill design or other designs including high security mesh or a design specified by the client.

The Speedgates can be supplied with all the control equipment housed inside a 600 x 400mm steel post or with the control equipment housed externally in steel weatherproof enclosures.

The opening and closing time is between 3 – 6 seconds depending on version quoted.