Top Tips For Renovating Your Driveway

For a lot of us the driveway is the most dominant feature at the front of the house. Through years of wear and tear, bad weather and unwanted undergrowth our driveways and front gates can be left looking tired and neglected. Here are 3 handy tips to renovating your driveway.

Resurfacing the Drive

Overtime every driveway becomes eroded, developing cracks and holes making the driveway uneven. Although resurfacing a drive can come at a cost, considering weather conditions and the use of your drive could save you some money. For those who use their driveways with many vehicles or those who live with harsh weather conditions a resin or tarmac material will be the most durable, requiring the least amount of maintenance.

If your drive doesn’t see a lot of activity on a day-to-day basis then a new laying of gravel is the best for a DIY-friendly, sturdy driveway. Deciding to resurface for the long term can have a great impact on the upkeep of your driveway; not only will it be durable but a new surface will look more appealing and can brighten and open the front of a house.

Installing Security

Security within a home is becoming a big factor when purchasing a property and has become a popular investment for families all over the country. As well as keeping unwanted visitors out, they also offer a secure environment within the house for children or pets to go outside and play. Portcullis offer a range of residential security gates from electric to manual and tailor them to suit your home and security needs.

Whether they are metal or wooden security gates, the homeowner can have full control of who enters your house and how secure you want the surroundings. CCTV, speakers and other extras can be installed with the gates, customising what will be best use for your home and adding that extra lock – bringing peace of mind when leaving for long periods of time.

If electric gates aren’t suitable to the style of your drive, manual gates offer just as much security and flexibility in the styles that are available. If you do choose manual gates, sliding gates can often be more secure than swinging gates due to the tracks and rollers being difficult to break through. The manual gates can then be paired with a visitor’s intercom to match those same
features that electric gates offer.


Smaller jobs can make a big difference on the appearance of your driveway. Any flower beds that may need replanting or lighting the way with some solar lights can add stylish finishing touches to any driveway.

Houses that have paved driveways or flagging, weeds may be creeping through the cracks and the colour may be covering with dirt and fungus. Using de-weeding solutions and pressure washing the flags can make the drive look almost brand new again. For those who may have wooden fences and gates a touch up of paint or stain and a fresh coat of paint on a garage door can make the old look brand new.

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