The Benefit of Bollards

Bollards have been used by many businesses and in residential environments as a trustworthy deterrent for many years. The main purpose of a bollard is to become a visual protection for a building or area and to prevent intrusion, so they are an obvious choice for many businesses or homeowners. They are however beneficial for many reasons, mainly due to their versatility of where they can be used.


The primary function of a bollard is to provide security for a business or area, mainly from attempts of car ramming or break-ins. Car ramming is a method of attack which involves a vehicle deliberately ramming into a building. The bollards act as an obvious deterrent to would-be criminals as they will create substantial damage to not only the vehicle but the passengers inside the vehicle if they are crashed into. They have also been known to save lives, after bollards helped divert a car from crashing into a man’s house in 2010, proving just how effective bollards really are.

Bollards are usually made from structural grade steel, as steel is one of the strongest metals, or sometimes stone or concrete, which is either embedded and secured to the ground using concrete. Some bollards can be an automatic or semi-automatic rising. Automatic rising bollards are a useful method of security for areas or businesses that require regular access for pedestrians or vehicles, but still, need the added security they provide. Fixed steel bollards are ideal for in front of shops or shopping centres, or near protected areas such as historical buildings or residential homes. Some are embedded and secured to the ground which is ideal for environments where the added security provided is a permanent requirement.

Ornamental bollards

Bollards ultimately provide safety and security for businesses and homeowners, but they can also be an attractive ornament too. Bollards can be a decorated with a variety of colours, patterns or designs depending on the environment in which they are placed. Some bollards can also have a metal covering to create a sleek and professional appearance, or can be designed in a Victorian style as a more traditional option. Some bollards can also be fashioned into decorative planters, that not only serve the purpose of security but also looks appealing and helps blend into the surroundings.

Residential bollards

Bollards are not only suitable for commercial environments but are suitable for residential environments too. Residential bollards are designed to be visually discreet, without compromising on safety or security for your home. They are ideal for homeowners who have a public right of way running through the grounds of their property. Public right of way allows pedestrian and horse access but not vehicle access, so erecting bollards near the right of way path will stop vehicles encroaching the right of way.

Car park bollards

Car parks are a common place to find bollards, as they help create a safety measure in a constant busy environment. As pedestrians and moving vehicles are often in near contact, placing bollards that separate pedestrian paths and car parking bays eliminates the risk of collisions. They are common in supermarket car parks or retail park car parks as they usually have a constant stream of pedestrians and vehicles. Most bollards in car parks are fixed and as well as helping avoid collisions with pedestrians and vehicles, they can also be placed in front of walls or between car parking spaces to help avoid cars touching one another.

Traffic bollards

Traffic bollards are illuminated bollards that help guide motorists to the appropriate side of the road and also to help deflect traffic if needed. They supplement street lighting and street signs and are commonly placed near roundabouts. As they are reflective, no power supply is needed and they are also easily recovered should a vehicle collide with the bollards.

If you’re looking for an effective security method for your business or home, then bollards are ideal. Fixed bollards don’t require much upkeep or maintenance, apart from the odd lick of paint here and there and regular checks on the working order for automatic or semi-automatic bollards is all that is needed, making them one of the most effective methods of security.

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