Our Favourite Gate Scandals

We’re obviously big fans of all types of gates here at Portcullis and that doesn’t exclude a good old scandal ‘gate’. Although it’s been 40 years since the famous ‘Watergate Scandal’, that hasn’t stopped social commentators and editors referring to anything slightly scandalous with a ‘-gate’ suffix. Originating from the famous mishap by President Nixon that forced him to resign his role, Watergate has triggered many serious, amusing, and downright ridiculous events to be named as a ‘-gate’. We look over some of our favorite British ‘-gate’ scenarios.

Bin Gate

Everyone in the UK with a television set knows of Bin Gate, but if you don’t, it has everything to do with the well-loved TV Series Great British Bake Off. One of the contestants on the show, Iain (if we’re going to name, names), got in a bit of a flap when it came to the final Showstopper Challenge and his baked Alaska.

The fiasco was a truly British scandal and was awarded the name gate suffix when outraged Twitter users went to the platform to complain about Diana, the contestant that had ruined Iain’s Baked Alaska by removing it from the freezer and replacing it with her own. Bad form Diana.

Nap Gate

Nap Gate, although not a British scandal, it’s a brilliant sports related one nonetheless. Ken Griffey, a major league baseball player, was getting less and less game time due to his poor performance over the season. On May 10th, 2010, it was reported that Ken was found sleeping instead of being used in a pitch hitting situation. Obviously this caused a lot of media debate over the incident and since Griffey never denied it, it was forever dubbed ‘Nap Gate’.

Pasty Gate

The UK loves Pastry. Just look at the amount of Greggs’ stores that line the streets of the North as an example, you could probably stand inside Greggs and from that store, see at least two other stores. Imagine the nation’s anger then, when the Chancellor made the decision to slap a 20% VAT surcharge on hot pasties sold by places like Greggs or Cooplands.  David Cameron was caught out by the media as allegedly having told all sorts of ‘porky pies’ and the incident was then known as Pasty Gate.

Bump Gate


Another American related sporting gate, this one was amusing for the media if not infuriating for every NFL fan in the US. The game between The Broncos and the Buffalo Bills in 2014 was an interesting one for many sports fans; in the first ever fist-bumping scandal two referees were in the spotlight. After a touchdown, the two referees on the pitch celebrated together with a cheeky fist bump, and came under fire from fans that it was unprofessional to celebrate in the middle of game play.

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