Engineer Saves Home From Flooding With Own Flood Gates

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Britain is known for its feats of Engineering; it has helped lead our economy for hundreds of years and we probably don’t pay as much respect for those that head the industry as we should. In light of the recent devastation the floods have caused, we look into those that have taken defending themselves against the weather and praise their incredible engineering skills and flood gates. We have watched the flooding take over the news in the weeks over Christmas and New Years, but one Engineer from Hull has also had his time in the papers.

Carl Canty, an Engineer from Hull now Living outside of Selby, took flooding matters into his own hands when he purchased his dream property by the River Derwent in 2006. After taking into account how much his dream home was likely to flood every year, he devised a cunning plan in order to protect it. He told the Daily Mail:

“If it floods, we’d be the first to be hit in the village so I knew I had to seriously try to tackle the problem myself. At first I saw it as a bit of a challenge. I thought “I’ll sort out this flood problem myself, then. But it was a massive task. This was no little DIY project – a lot of time and thought went into it.”

The extensive flood barriers that cocoon Mr. Canty’s home from the elements are like something out of a Thunderbirds movie; his impressive waterproof gates rival that of York City centre’s and hold off over 5 meters of water. His decking is fitted on hydraulics in order to protect the wood and he has fitted his own automatic trip system that allows the house to pump water from a sump underground.

We commend Mr. Canty and his ingenious flood prevention system and hope to see more people installing gates in order to protect themselves this 2016. You can catch more of Carl Canty over on the BBC and you can peruse our residential gates here.

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