Cheap Ways to Secure Your Home

Making your home more secure is incredibly important for keeping the people and possessions inside safe, but it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Here are some easy and relatively low-cost methods to protect your property from unwanted intruders.

Replace weak locks

If you have weak locks on your front, back, or side door, this makes it much easier for someone to break in by a simple shove of the door. Prevent this happening by replacing your old locks with new, stronger locks. For extra safety, secure multiple locks on the door, one of which should be an interior deadbolt and the other accessed via key.

Install exterior lighting

Motion sensor floodlighting is ideal, as it instantly attracts attention to anything that is approaching the house. This acts as a preventative as if an uninvited guest sees there is floodlighting, they are less likely to target your house as it is a more difficult target.

Security alarms

If you don’t already have one, then it is vital you install one as soon as possible. Security alarms are the number one deterrent against burglary. The last thing burglars want is to make themselves seen or heard, so if your house doesn’t have an alarm they are much more likely to choose yours. Lots of alarms are monitored either by the police or the company who installed the alarm; therefore this alerts others of an unwanted present if you were not in your house.

Secure Automated gates

Automated gates are something that no intruder wants to be up against as it makes their entrance and exit a lot trickier. Burglars target properties carefully, so they are less likely to choose one that has gates as they don’t want to waste time trying to get past the electrical system.

Interior lighting

When leaving your house for any amount of time, always leave a few lights on in separate rooms. Lighting is a proven deterrent against crime; the last thing a burglar wants is to break into a house that is filled with people.

Leave valuables out of sight

It may seem like common sense, but avoid having valuables on show for the world to see. If you have lots of expensive objects inside your house, avoid having the blinds or curtains open when you’re not home. When burglars see you have expensive things, they will take this as an invitation to break in.


You should never leave your windows open when no one is in the house. Even if you’re only out for 10 minutes, if a burglar is watching your house then this is their perfect opportunity to make a stealthy break in before you’re even on your way home. This is their ideal entrance to a house as there is no sign of forced entry, so they are more likely to get away with it. You can prevent this by always being on guard and closing your windows when not in the house.

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