5 Ways To Secure Your School

When you send your child off to school, you do so knowing that they will be safe and secure. Schools up and down the country are faced with daily threats of violence, crime, natural disasters and even terrorism. So naturally, it’s important to ensure schools have up-to-date security measures in place to protect the students and staff. Here are our top five methods of securing your school.

Bow top fencing

Fencing is extremely important in helping keep a school secure. It’s the first method of protection from unwanted entry, so it’s important that fencing around the outer perimeter of the school is of a good, high quality. Anti-trap bow top fencing is a common type of fencing around schools and play areas due to the design. It is designed with a wider gap between the hoops at the top of the fencing, which prevents children getting their head, neck or limbs stuck. Regular bow top fencing is ideal for areas that need higher fencing, such as the outer perimeter of the school.

Electric gates

Electric gates are an excellent security method. They are often installed for schools as they help the school monitor and control the entry of unauthorised personnel into the school and its grounds. Some gates require fob access, code access or feature an intercom which connects to the school’s reception. Some electric gates can also be fitted within an anti-trap/regular bow top fencing to provide ultimate security for your school.


Shutters are a great method of keeping a building secure. They help stop break ins or vandalism to windows and are often used for shops and small businesses. However, more and more schools are installing them due to the high level of security they provide. Heavy duty steel roller shutters can be tailored to fit any outdoor window or door, so they are perfect for windows and doors of any size. They can also be customised to fit the surroundings or school. They can be painted in the school’s colour or decorated with a mural to help make them pleasant for the children.

Security cameras

Whilst an obvious method of security, security cameras are becoming a regular feature in schools. They create a visual image of a person or situation, which allows the school or police to identify people. CCTV cameras can be placed both inside the school, as well as outside, for maximum peace of mind and protection for staff, pupils and parents. Installing a CCTV system is not only a for security and protection purposes, but it can also have other benefits. Having a CCTV system in a school can increase a pupils concentration and educational attainment. Footage can also be reviewed for staff training purposes, as it can allow teachers and senior members of staff to review and suggest ways lessons could be improved.


Bollards are used to stop car ramming which is the act of a car deliberately ramming into a building. They can also be used to control parking, so it’s for obvious reasons that they are seen as a secure method of protecting a school. Bollards can be placed near the car park entrance to control traffic entering the ground or in the streets surrounding the school. You can also get creative with bollards and some can be designed in bright colours, in the shape of pencils or even children.

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