Portcullis receives accreditation from Alcumus SafeContractor

Gate automation specialist, Portcullis Gate Automation Ltd, has been awarded a new accreditation from Alcumus SafeContractor.

Designed to recognise extremely rigorous standards in health and safety among contractors, the merit is used and recognised by thousands of organisations across the United Kingdom including SMEs and FTSE 100 companies. Continue reading

Gate Glossary: The A-Z of Portcullis Gate Automation

At Portcullis, we pride ourselves on our expert knowledge of automation products, including everything from gates and parking barriers to road blockers and traffic bollards. As specialists, we have our own wide-ranging glossary of terms that covers our full range and brand values, successful projects and areas of expertise. Wondering what they are? Read on…

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How to solve common automated gate problems

As gate automation specialists, at Portcullis we pride ourselves on doing a job well. However, from time to time, even the finest of automated gates can encounter problems. The good news is that most of these problems are easily solvable.

Here’s some of the most common automated gate problems and how to fix them.

Typical Gate Issues

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Material Matters: Wooden or metal gate – what should I choose?

When you’re searching for new residential gates, it can be tough to know whether to opt for wooden gates or metal gates. It’s also a common misconception that metal gates are better than wooden alternatives – as they both have their benefits and drawbacks.

So, how do you decide which material is appropriate for your individual needs? To help, we’ve put together this handy guide, running over the pros and cons of each material, as well as the crucial factors that may influence your decision

Material matters - gates

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A Guide to Vehicular Access Control

Vehicular access control is an essential method of controlling traffic flow, so it’s no surprise that it’s in higher demand than ever. Think about the last time you visited a shopping centre, a hospital or a retail park. Did you have to wait until the car in front had gone through the barrier? Were there bollards that blocked your car from driving or parking in certain areas? These are just two examples of modern vehicular access control.

In this post, we will be offering a full guide to vehicular access control, including: what vehicular access control actually is, the types of vehicular access control systems and the benefits and drawbacks of each. Continue reading

Portcullis delivers successful door automation to national contract

Gate automation specialist, Portcullis Automation Ltd, has added a new service to its core disciplines following a successful delivery of door automation to Liberty Living Ltd.

Door Automation

The national client, Liberty Living Ltd, provides student accommodation and operates in 19 locations across more than 55 sites. The new doors are just one of the services delivered to Liberty Living by Portcullis including preventative maintenance with a 24/7 call out facility for gates, barriers, automatic doors and roller shutters. Both Portcullis and Liberty Living consider safety to be a top priority. Continue reading

Gate Safety Week 2017: Installing and Maintaining Powered Gates

One of the most important weeks in October for anyone within the gate industry should always be Gate Safety Week. Powered gates are becoming increasingly popular however, the gate industry has experienced issues with poorly installed and maintained gates leading to serious accidents and fatalities. From 9-15 October 2017, Gate Safety Week ran to raise awareness of powered gates and to prevent accidents, here Portcullis Gates share their thoughts on the #SafeGatesSaveLives campaign. Continue reading

Portcullis retains Liberty Living Ltd contract for another three years

Gates specialist, Portcullis Gate Automation Ltd, has been chosen as the mechanical perimeter security partner for Liberty Living Ltd for the next three years.
Liberty Living
Image from pexels

The national contract between Liberty Living and Portcullis was renewed following Portcullis’ ongoing maintenance and support to Liberty Living.

Moving forward, Portcullis will continue to provide planned preventative maintenance with a 24/7 call out facility for their gates, barriers, automatic doors and roller shutters. Together, Portcullis and Liberty Living will continue to prioritise student safety within Liberty Living’s accommodation.

Committed to providing Liberty Living with outstanding engineering support and customer service, Portcullis feels honoured to be chosen as the mechanical perimeter security partner to one of the leading UK private student accommodations providers.

Operating in 19 locations from Aberdeen to Southampton, Liberty Living Ltd functions across more than 55 sites. To date, Portcullis has enjoyed an amicable partnership with the prolific brand.

Commenting on the contract renewal, Justin Earl, Managing Director of Portcullis Gate Automation Ltd said:

“This is really gratifying news and a welcomed ‘pat on the back’ for the whole team at Portcullis from our helpdesk team to the front line engineering workforce.

“To be rewarded with the contract for a further three years emphasises that we doing things right. This is further evidenced by the fact that a client as prolific as Liberty Living Ltd has placed their trust in us for their perimeter security requirements.”

On the basis of the renewed contract, Portcullis confidently believes that they have found a sector of the market where they can truly add value to the client’s offering. Having been the mechanical perimeter security partner for more than three years, Portcullis understands the needs of this type of client and is looking forward to continuing to impact upon the student accommodation market.

Based on Portcullis’ ongoing success with Liberty Living Ltd, Portcullis believes that in the near future, this could be an area of the marketplace for concentration, allowing Portcullis to offer their wealth of experience to similar clients.

To find out how Portcullis can help you, why not contact us today? Continue reading

Automatic vs Manual Gates: Which option is better?

Choosing the right gate can be challenging as there are many factors that should be taken into consideration. Whether you are seeking commercial gates or residential gates, one of the biggest decisions you will need to make is whether you need an automatic gate or a manual gate. Let’s take a look at the two options and the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Image from Pexels

If you are restricted by budget then a manual gate is likely to be the best option. Automatic gates are more costly as they require power and therefore will raise elevate your overall electricity bill! Additionally, the incorporation of technological features in automatic gates such as remote controls and keypads, bump up the price. Generally though, manual gates are much cheaper.

It may go without saying, but automatic gates offer increased security over manual gates owing to the increase in technology. With manual gates, once the lock is broken there is no barrier between your property and the outside world. With automatic gates, security features can be added such as key operated switches, sensors to detect cars or digital keypads that require input before opening. If budget isn’t a concern, then you can even make use of advanced technology such as voice or fingerprint recognition however, these will of course be much pricier than standard options.

With manual gates, a drawback is the lack of convenience. Of course, very small garden gates can be opened easily however, industrial gates will often require somebody to unlock them which can be troublesome. Automatic gates are beneficial in the fact that you can quickly allow somebody to enter or leave your premises while maintaining a high level of security adding to their convenience. On the flipside, automatic gates require a constant power supply and this can be particularly inconvenient for occurrences such as power cuts which could leave you locked in your own property!

The most obvious maintenance consideration is of course electricity supply. Automatic gates use motors to allow movement, therefore a consistent source of energy is required (this also impinges on the cost of these types of gates.) Be sure to regularly check the safety of your electric supply as well if you are using automatic gates, faulty wires or blown fuses all can inhibit the smooth operation of your gates and you don’t want to find yourself locked out or injured!

Other maintainability concerns are affected by the materials used. Wooden and metal gates can be affected by sun, rain and wind so will require constant nurturing – you can read about this in our recent post on how to protect your gates in different weather conditions.

We always recommend using a professional to install your gates but manual gates are easier than automatic gates which can be significantly difficult to install. Automatic gates need to be hooked up to the power supply but even an electrician should not install an automatic gate unless they have had specific gate training.

These factors should all be taken into account when deciding between an automatic or manual gate but if you are still uncertain, why not contact a Portcullis representative who can advise you further?